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Department Description

The 311 Customer Service Division of the City Manager’s Office provides customers with one easy-to-remember phone number, email address, or quick link to connect with all City services, including street repairs, tree pruning, tax, parks, and water service information. In addition, it allows the City to reduce operating costs, use resources more efficiently, measure accountability and feedback, and deliver timely, consistent, and personalized customer service, both internally and externally. The mission of 311 is to directly support all City of Kalamazoo departments by efficiently and effectively navigating inquiries and requests from residents and businesses.

Core Services

311 Customer Service provides the following services for the residents and visitors of Kalamazoo:

  • Provide exceptional customer service to anyone who contacts the City of Kalamazoo through phone, web reports and email
  • Processing department/task-specific work requests/work orders
  • Addressing basic department-specific concerns/questions from customers
  • Sending service messages to departments when escalated service is required
  • Maintaining CRM database of all incoming customer contact and department processes

Department Goals

Community Engagement

Objectives: Increase direct community engagement/connection

Action Plan: The 311 support staff will attend/coordinate/host community engagement/outreach opportunities across departments and individually

Metrics: Two events were hosted in 2022; the goal for 2023 is four or more.

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance/Shared Prosperity

Professional Development

Objectives: Equipping 311 customer service team members with tools/resources to enable them to provide exemplary customer service

Action Plan: Completion of targeted/core areas of professional development

Metrics: All staff will complete the Certificates of Completion from Coursera in 2023

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance

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