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Department Description

The Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) department is comprised of Code Administration, Planning, Community Investment, and Economic Development Divisions.

Code Administration coordinates multi-departmental plan review, inspection and enforcement services while protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the community. Code Administration is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable building codes and regulations, addresses the negative effects of blighted and abandoned properties, and administers code compliance on approximately 16,000 rental units in the city.

Planning is responsible for long term planning through the development and implementation of the Imagine Kalamazoo 2025 (IK2025) Master Plan and for developing and implementing short and medium plans that support IK2025 and the City's Strategic Vision and Goals. These overarching policies directly inform the neighborhood, sustainability, and transportation plans staff create and implement on a daily basis. The Planning Division is also the keeper of the Zoning Ordinance and boards like Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals who assist staff in administering it. Being keeper of the Zoning Ordinance requires regular review and updates to ensure it supports the Master Plan vision and that it is equitable being applied throughout the City.

Community Investment includes the effective management of federal, state, and local funds in support of programs that address Kalamazoo's housing, neighborhood and community development needs.

Economic Development implements programs and provides services supporting businesses and investment in the community, including the retention, growth and attraction of business and industry by building relationships with employers, and by anticipating/responding to their needs.

All of CPED works together to offer support to development in the city, offering expertise in the use of incentives such as grants and loans for small businesses and housing development, gap financing, land assembly and linkages to workforce development resources.

The Department works with federal, state and local development organizations/agencies to address community reinvestment, job creation, entrepreneurship, job retention, brownfield redevelopment and riverfront redevelopment. CPED provides staffing support to the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Economic Development Corporation, Planning Commission, Community Development Act Advisory Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals, Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo and other boards and committees related to development.

Core Services

CPED provides the following services for the residents and visitors of Kalamazoo:

  • Building and Trades inspects buildings to ensure compliance with the code to protect public health, safety, and the general welfare of Kalamazoo as it relates to buildings, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire prevention.
  • Code Compliance coordinates inspections and enforcement of codes related to dangerous or dilapidated structures, structures open to casual entry, trash or garbage on private property or in the curb lawn, zoning violations, tall grass or weeds, and graffiti.
  • Community Investment invests federal, state and local funds in programs and services that benefit neighborhoods, business development, and low-income households to address critical needs in our community.
  • The department-wide development team assists developers of all sizes and experiences with site selection, site plan review and approval, economic incentives, and other needs that arise during the development process.
  • Planning directs future growth and redevelopment in the City through land use planning and zoning to help create a more vibrant, connected, and sustainable community in alignment with the Strategic Vision.

  • Planning directs future growth and redevelopment in the City through land use planning and zoning to help create a more vibrant, connected, and sustainable community in alignment with the Strategic Vision.
  • Planning leads the implementation of the Public Participation Policy, both internally and externally to ensure that our work is transparent and that those impacted by a project have the opportunity to shape it.
  • Code Administration oversees the Rental Registration & Certification Program to help ensure safe and sanitary rental housing within the City of Kalamazoo.

Department Goals

Goal: Certificate of Occupancy Inspections

Objectives: Recover costs for temporary Certificate of Occupancy inspections

Action Plan: Create a fee of $355 for inspections provided for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy inspections and assess staff time towards inspections

Metrics: Fee is new in 2023, anticipate performing 20 inspections

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance

Goal: Invest in Neighborhood Plan Implementation/Adoption

Objectives: Increase the number of neighborhood plans adopted

Action Plan: Work with the three neighborhoods identified in 2022 to complete plan adoption and identify two neighborhoods to organization capacity to conduct planning in 2024

Metrics: 2022: 0 adopted, 3 identified 2023: 3 adopted, 2 new identified

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Complete Neighborhoods

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In addition to the General Fund, the Community Planning and Economic Development department manages several programs that have resources from grants, donations, or other dedicated funding sources. Below is the department total by fund.

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