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Department Description

The City Clerk’s Office is composed of three budgetary and functional divisions: the Administration Division; the Elections Division, and the Division of Records Management, Research, and Archives.

The Administration Division accomplishes the mission of the City Clerk’s Office by: documenting the activities of the City Commission, preserving the record of those activities for future generations, and making those records available for the public to enable informed citizen engagement; facilitating the appointment of citizens to various boards, commissions, and committees and maintaining the meeting minutes from these groups for preservation and public access; issuing licenses and permits as required by statute and ordinance; and connecting people with the services and information they need.

The Elections Division accomplishes the mission of the City Clerk’s Office by: maintaining accurate voter registration records; administering federal, state, and local elections in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; and providing inclusive services that give voters options for how they access and participate in the electoral process.

The Division of Records Management, Research, and Archives accomplishes the mission of the City Clerk’s Office by: providing cost-effective storage and disposition of the City’s inactive records; promoting the development and implementation of sound information governance policies and procedures; preserving the City’s historical records; and providing research services to City staff and the general public.

The mission of the City Clerk’s Office is:

  • Build increasing trust and participation in the City's democratic processes and institutions
  • Support the City Commission and City Administration as they strive to achieve the strategic goals of the community
  • Carry out the duties assigned to the City Clerk in statute, charter, and ordinance.

Core Services


Permits and Licensing, Legislative Support, and Advisory Board/Commission/Committee Support:

  • Processing applications and issuing permits and licenses for the following: peddlers; transient merchants; secondhand dealers; pawnbrokers; and going out of business sales.
  • License Marihuana Facilities/Establishments
  • Creating electronic agendas and agenda packets for City Commission meetings.
  • Attending City Commission meetings and preparing the minutes for these meetings
  • Processing documents after City Commission meetings and providing City staff and the public with information regarding City Commission actions.
  • Maintaining accurate board membership lists, including appointment histories and board member information.
  • Coordinating the board and commission appointment process.
  • Receiving and filing the permanent copies of board and commission minutes
  • Maintaining the board and commission web pages
  • Coordinates and Leads the Liquor License Application Review Committee


Voter Registration, Election Administration, and Education/Outreach/Advocacy:

  • Assisting City residents with the voter registration process
  • Providing voter registration forms and instructions to individuals and groups intending to conduct voter registration drives
  • Processing voter registration applications and QVF transactions; mailing voter ID cards
  • Send appropriate notices as required by law to voters whose registrations have been challenged or cancelled
  • Managing voter registration records in the Master Card file and Qualified Voter File (QVF)
  • Recommending precinct boundaries and facilities to be used as polling locations
  • Recruiting, assigning, and training individuals to be election inspectors
  • Maintain voting equipment.
  • Performing preliminary and public accuracy tests of the voting equipment prior to each election.
  • Overseeing voting precincts on Election Day
  • Educating citizens regarding voter registration requirements, processes, and deadlines
  • Recruiting, employing, and providing excellent training for election officials and administrators
  • Providing audience-specific election information to voters, candidates, and the media.
  • Publishing notices of upcoming elections as required by law

Records and Information Management

Inactive Records Storage, Development of Records and Information Policies and Procedures, Archives Management, and Research:

  • Storage, retrieval, and legal destruction of inactive records
  • Indexing of records for efficient retrieval
  • Managing the City’s offsite records storage facility
  • Collaborating with City departments and divisions to create and maintain records retention and disposal schedules
  • Working with the CIO and departmental stakeholders to develop and implement an Information Governance strategy and policies for the City organization
  • Providing public access to the City archives
  • Providing the appropriate environment for the storage of historical documents
  • Selecting and implementing an Enterprise Content Management system, which includes the development of related policies and procedures.
  • Developing finding aids (both electronic and print) to increase accessibility to historical records

Department Goals

Goal: Administration - Process new Marihuana Business Permit applications within 10 business days of receipt of the complete application

Objectives: Provide excellent service that minimizes uncertainty and unnecessary work for applicant businesses; focus staff attention on the evaluative aspects of the application review process rather than the workflow; and generate/collect data for both process and policy evaluation.

Action Plan: Implement a content management system that will utilize e-forms and business process automation to streamline the application workflow.

Metrics: 2022: unknown; 2023: 100% of applications processed within 10 business days

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance

Goal: Elections - To provide quality services and abundant opportunities to participate in the democratic process to all stakeholders

Objectives: Provide additional access to the voting process outside of regular business hours and an additional location for the community access the clerk’s office

Action Plan: Provide a satellite Clerk’s Office and extended office hours prior to elections

Metrics: 2022: 430 participants; 2023: TBD

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Shared Prosperity / Good Governance

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