Budget Guide

Budget Guide

The budget describes the City’s goals and details how resources are allocated to achieve these goals. In addition, the budget serves as the annual financial plan, an operations guide and a communications tool. The budget guide provides an overview of the elements of the budget document.

The 2023 Budget document is broken down into the following sections explained below:

Introductory Section

This section is an executive summary of the budget, which includes the Budget Transmittal Letter from the City Manager, an organizational overview of the City, and the budget process and policies.

Fund Budgets

This section explains the fund structure of the City and purpose of the funds. The budget for each fund is presented along with analysis of past financials and current projections.

Department Budgets

This section includes a budget summary of each department, along with their 2023 goals and objectives. This includes a description of the Department, their mission, purpose, goals, personnel break down and proposed 2023 budget.

Five-Year Plan Summaries

This section presents the five year plans for the following funds: General Fund, Major Streets, Local Streets and Capital Improvement Plan Funds. A listing of the projects and the funding sources are included.

Five-Year Capital Improvement Program

This section presents the five year plan of Capital Projects for each of the following funds: General Fund, Major Streets, Local Streets, Wastewater, and Water.


This section includes detail on the City's Pension Administration and OPEB Trust Fund, internal service funds, Brownfield and Local Brownfield Revolving Fund, Downtown Development Authority, Downtown Economic Growth Authority, Parking System and the Economic Development Corporation.


This section contain a list of acronyms, a glossary of words used throughout the document that the reader may not be familiar with and a summary of document changes.