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Department Description

The Department of Human Resources is committed to promoting and supporting organizational excellence through effective human resources programming administered in an environment that embraces diversity, exceptional customer service, and professional development.

The Human Resources Department provides comprehensive employee and labor relations services to all City of Kalamazoo employees. Programs administered by HR include hiring and recruiting, compensation, retirement and benefits administration, training and career development, labor contract administration, policy development, and workers’ compensation and leave administration. HR believes all employees should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of position or personal status. We strive to ensure that daily services and programs meet the needs of our diverse work force. HR is dedicated to being an equitable, inclusive, diverse, and respectful employer, by creating a welcoming environment to different perspectives and experiences, while granting each potential and current employee, the opportunity to learn, grown and contribute to the City of Kalamazoo.

Core Services

The Human Resource Department provides the following services for the City of Kalamazoo:

  • Talent Acquisition, including new hire and promotional opportunities
  • Benefit administration (including medical, dental, vision, voluntary insurances, deferred compensation, pension, workers compensation, COBRA and FMLA)
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Labor Relations

Department Goals

Goal: Increase Diversity in Applicants

Objectives: Increase direct community engagement through recruitment events

Action Plan: Human Resources Staff will attend recruitment events

Metrics: 10 interested candidates at recruitment events, with one hire, in 2022. In 2023, we would like to have at least 12 interested candidates at each event with three or more hires

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance/Shared Prosperity/Strength through Diversity

Goal: Professional Development

Objectives: Human Resources staff will each have professional development resources and opportunities, with the goal of enhancing positive interactions with internal/external stakeholders

Action Plan: Complete Human Resources professional development goals with each staff person

Metrics: 6 seminars/online certified classwork was completed in 2022; 8 seminars/online certified classwork will be completed in 2023

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance/Strength through Diversity

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