Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Department Description

The goal of this department is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all internal functions and personnel including front line staff, appointed and elected leaders. This will be accomplished but not limited to the following actions: development of equity plan with goals and metrics, providing training opportunities, reviewing policies/ordinances through an equity lens, and the development of an Employee Resource Groups to support the work at all levels. This department will also work with external partners to support the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion community wide.

Core Services

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) provides the following services for the City of Kalamazoo:

  • Develop DEI plan with staff
  • Normalize conversations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Provide training on issues pertaining to DEI
  • Work with departments to operationalize DEI in their units
  • Provide an equity lens to conversations and ongoing work of the organization
  • Work with external organizations to support equity in the larger community

Department Goals

Goal: Promote a Diverse Work Environment

Objectives: To promote a diverse and committed work environment that fosters a sense of inclusion, equity, fairness and belonging to everyone in our internal and external community.

Action Plan:

• Dispatching monthly DEI educational materials via email and posting monthly celebrations/recognition on city SharePoint.

• Meeting with Human Resources team to develop practices that guide to a positive work environment.

• Finalize Talent Acquisition Strategy to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in recruiting and retaining employees.

• Communicate with staff members regarding Employee Relationship Groups membership and establish peer groups for phase 1.

Metrics: 2022: Two educational materials and ten monthly recognitions have been shared with city employees.

2023: At least 12 monthly educational materials and monthly recognitions to be shared with city employees; quarterly meetings with Human Resources to define partnership; collaborate with Talent Acquisitionist to define metrics and create acquisition plans for future recruitment

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance, Strength Through Diversity, Shared Prosperity

Goal: Increase Transparency and Communication

Objectives: Increase transparency and communication to build a trusted safe work environment

Action Plan: Promote training opportunities focusing on DEI sentiments of belonging and inclusivity.

Metrics: 2022: 122 City employees attended DEI Training opportunities and expand training opportunities; 2023: The city has 681 employees. The goal is to have 25% (or 170 employees) participate and attend trainings/seminars.

Alignment with Strategic Vision: Good Governance, Strength Through Diversity, Shared Prosperity

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