General Fund Capital Improvement Program

Five-Year Budget & Program Summary

General Fund - Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) will reflect a consensus of the perceived needs and desires of the community based on current surveys and long-range planning. Projects included in the Capital Improvements Program shall be consistent with the City of Kalamazoo Strategic Vision. The CIP provides funding for those operations exclusive of enterprise funds. Eligible uses include capital projects, major equipment, debt service, and non-utility environmental expenses. The City will develop and maintain a CIP to plan and fund capital projects over a minimum five-year period coordinated with the Operating Budget. The Capital Improvements Program will, to the extent possible, be designed to protect the City's investments in capital and operating assets through timely and adequate maintenance and replacement of those assets.

Capital outlay for the purpose of the Capital Improvements Program is defined as expenditures that result in the acquisition or addition to fixed assets that have an estimated life of at least five years and monetary value of at least $20,000. Examples include construction of buildings or other structures, roads, sewers, parks, and the purchase of heavy equipment, fire trucks and buses. Funding for CIP include bond proceeds, donations, grants, and intergovernmental sources.

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2023 Capital Improvement Program Details

This section shows the total of new projects being approved in the 2023 budget along with the expected impacts on future budgets.