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Department Description

The mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to support the City Commission’s goals and objectives by providing quality legal counsel and representation. As mandated by the City Charter, services are provided to the City Commission, to the City Manager and City Administration staff, to other City Commission appointees, and to other City boards and bodies.

The City Attorney’s Office prosecutes ordinance violations, including those that impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods; reviews and prepares contracts and agreements, including those related to economic development and re-use of Brownfields; drafts ordinances and resolutions; represents the City in both state and federal courts and in administrative tribunals; and gives legal opinions and counsel on a wide variety of issues.

Core Services

The City Attorney’s office has established six distinct service areas encompassing the services it provides:

  • General Counsel- provide legal advice to City Commission & City Administration; contract drafting/review
  • Claims Management- settlement/denial of personal injury and property damage claims up to $25,000
  • Ordinance Prosecution- district court pretrials & trials; ordinance review & drafting; respond to expungement requests
  • Civil Litigation- represent City, its officers, officials and employees in both Michigan and Federal trial and appellate courts
  • Administrative Advocacy- represent City in tax appeals, civil rights complaints, unemployment claims, etc.
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests- designated by City Commission as FOIA Coordinator

Department Goals

The City Commission will be appointing a new City Attorney. The new attorney will develop goals for the City Attorney's Office.

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