The mission of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS) is to provide comprehensive, all-hazards public safety services. KDPS strives to build and maintain meaningful relationships with the community to better serve the residents and visitors of Kalamazoo through transparency, trust and community engagement.

KDPS deploys resources from seven facilities and is comprised of six Divisions: Administration, Community Outreach and Problem Solving (COPS), Operations, Criminal Investigations, Service and Training. KDPS continues to promote crime and fire prevention programs, the investigations of crimes leading to the apprehension of perpetrators, the recovery of property and providing emergency medical services.

Public Safety will continue to explore ideas and concepts leading to improved service to our community. The promotion of goodwill, community respect and confidence in Public Safety will continue to be of the highest priority for all employees. KDPS will also strive to recruit and retain a diverse and local workforce.

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The 2020 Public Safety budget consists of 284 positions.


The Department of Public Safety (KDPS) is primarily funded by the City of Kalamazoo's General Fund.

In addition to General Fund budget, the Public Safety department has budgeted $934,097 of expenditures in grant funds in 2020. When the department is awarded new grants or donations during 2020, the department budget is amended for the amount of those grants.

The Department also receives restricted funds in the Drug Enforcement Special Revenue fund. These revenues of this fund are restricted to police activity and utilized primarily for capital needs of the department.

Public Safety Revenues

Approximately 84% of 2020 KDPS budget is from the General Fund.

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Public Safety Expenditures

The Department of Public Safety adopted expenditure budgets for the cost to provide public safety programs is provided below. Public Safety's largest expense is personnel, which makes up nearly 83% of total budgeted expenditures.

The following graphs provide additional information on these budgeted dollars. Click on the graphs to further explore the expenditure budgets.

Operating Expenses

The operating expenses of Public Safety is the cost of supplies and services to perform its operations. The total operating costs of the department is approximately 14% of the total Public Safety Budget.

Nearly 37% of Public Safety's total services budget is for the City's required annual contribution of $1,289,826 to the Kalamazoo County Central Dispatch Authority for 911 and dispatch services.

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Public Safety Expenses by Division

The City's budget allocates expenses into primary divisions within the combined public safety department. Please note, the City of Kalamazoo operates a combined police, fire, and emergency response department.

The table to the right shows the total expenses by division for the General Fund. Click on the table to the right to further explore the budget by division.

Divisions of Public Safety:

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Operations - Consists of staffing and services for: Patrol, Fire/EMS, Tele- Service, Traffic and Parking Enforcement, Special Teams, Fire Investigations and Inspections, Bronson and Court Officers

Service and Training (Support Services) - Consists of staffing and services for: Training, Facilities Management, Fiscal and Business Services, Evidence and Quarter Master, Information Technology Management, Records and Dictation Services, Freedom of Information Request Fulfillment, and Vehicle and Apparatus Maintenance

Criminal Investigation Division - Consists of staffing and services for: Laboratory Services, Investigations (Homicide, Crimes Against Person, Fraud and Property Crime), Crossing Guard Management, Collection and Processing of Evidence, Polygraph Service, and Subpoena Service

Community Outreach and Problem Solving (COPS) - Consists of staffing and services for Drug Enforcement and Investigations, Community Policing, Community, Engagement, and Crime Reduction Initiatives

Administration - Consists of staffing and services for Management (Organizational, Fiscal, Emergency and Data & Intelligence), Labor Relations, Grant Writing and Management, Community Outreach, Strategic Planning, Internal Investigations, Board and Commission Representation, Policy Development and Administration, Hiring and Recruiting

Other - Not an official division for the department, other consists of staffing for contractual public safety services.

Priority Based Budgeting

Departments of the City of Kalamzoo evaluate the programs to determine how strongly the programs align with the City of Kalamazoo's strategic goals. These programs are divided into Community Programs or Governance Programs and aligned with associated strategic goals in those categories.

Public Safety's programs align most strongly with the City of Kalamazoo's Safe Community priorities.