Budget 2020 - 2021

Ipswich City Council handed down its budget on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Ipswich City Council Budget 2020 - 2021

Ipswich City Council handed down its budget on Tuesday, 30 June 2020. The budget was developed in alignment with Council’s Corporate Plan 2017-2022 and the following strategic priorities of the newly elected Council:

  • Our council is recognised as a leader in good governance and accountability.
  • Our natural environment is preserved and protected.
  • Our community has access to jobs and economic opportunities now and in the future.
  • Our community is cohesive, vibrant and resilient.
  • Our thriving city centre benefits communities across the city.

Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability

As a further demonstration of this Council’s renewed focus on good governance, transparency and accountability, the data published in the Transparency and Integrity Hub includes more detailed revenue and expenses that are part of Ipswich City Council’s adopted 2020-2021 Budget.

In the adopted budget published to the Ipswich City Council website (per the link below) the difference between internal revenue and internal expenses is included in the budget for materials and services.

Council’s 2020–2021 budget, delivered by a new Mayor and Councillors is measured and reflective of the current economic times. Like last year, the overall budget tops $600 million and focusses on a high level of core services to the Ipswich community.

The budget has been impacted by Australia’s first recession in almost three decades and the severe financial pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on the local, state and national economy.

Council has been faced with a significant number of tough decisions and after a series of deliberations by the Mayor and Councillors, the budget seeks to deliver community value during uncertain times, sustain jobs and stimulate the economy.

Access a full copy of Council’s adopted 2020-2021 budget here:

Ipswich City Council 2020 - 2021 Budget

Three Year Capital Works Program

This Council is also pleased to launch the inaugural three-year capital program, a first for this Council. This will ensure that infrastructure and public works are properly prioritised and delivered to improve community assets.

Council is passionate about ensuring the organisation delivers a new level of exceptional services to the community and will be working hard to achieve this.

Access the three-year capital program here:

3 Year Capital Works Program