Current Councillor Expenses


A view of current Councillor expenses from April 2020.

On 27 April 2020, Ipswich City Council (Council) resolved to publish on a new Transparency and Integrity Hub:

‘All Councillor related expenses, allowances and reimbursements for each month including contextual details of expenses incurred and purpose to enable benchmarking and comparison. Data will be published for the previous five financial years. Where travel costs have been absorbed by specific project costs, these should also be included’.

Further, on 26 November 2020 Council resolved:

‘All Councillor related expenses for current serving Councillors are published only for those who have provided either their express or implied consent to their personal information being published on the Transparency and Integrity Hub'.

Accordingly, Council has published to the new Transparency and Integrity Hub, for those Councillors who have provided express consent, information on all Councillor remuneration and expenses.

Data views on the above information have also been prepared and published to show the nature, amounts and details of expenses incurred.

Prior to these resolutions, Council has published Councillor remuneration and expenses in Annual Reports, in line with obligations in the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Section 186 (1) (b) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 stipulates that the annual report for a financial year must contain particulars of the expenses incurred by, and the facilities provided to, each Councillor during the financial year under the local government’s expenses reimbursement policy.

Annual reports for the previous five years can be found on the Ipswich City Council website.

Mayor Teresa Harding

Councillor Sheila Ireland

Councillor Jacob Madsen

Councillor Nicole Jonic

Councillor Paul Tully

Councillor Marnie Doyle

Councillor Andrew Fechner

Councillor Kate Kunzelmann

Councillor Russell Milligan