BUDGET 2023-2024

Ipswich City Council handed down its budget on Thursday, 22 June 2023.

Ipswich City Council Budget 2023–2024

Council's 2023–2024 Budget is a measured, responsible budget with a rate rise under inflation amid major economic pressures.

The 2023–2024 Budget is part of the Annual Plan, which aligns to the iFuture document: a 20-year community vision and Council’s five-year corporate plan.

You can access the 2023–2024 Annual Budget here.

Revenue Budget 2023-2024

Expenses Budget 2023-2024

Revenue Budget by Service Category

The revenue presented in the service categories does not represents the complete Council budget revenue. The total Council budget also includes capital grant income, developer donated asset income, and developer cash contribution income.

Expenses Budget by Service Category

The expenditure presented in the services categories does not represent the complete Council budget. The total Council budget also includes depreciation expense, interest expense and other accounting adjustments which are not included in the service categories.

Ipswich City Capital Works Program


Council has developed a city-wide three-year Capital Works Program that is refined each financial year.

This three-year Capital Works Program has been developed for the 2023-2024 Budget and Long-Term Financial Forecast. It includes Capital Works Programs for the following areas:

  • transport and traffic
  • flood mitigation and drainage
  • parks, sport and environment
  • local amenity
  • corporate facilities
  • asset rehabilitation
  • fleet
  • waste
  • corporate projects.

You can access the three-year Capital Works Program here.

Ipswich City Council Operational Plan


The City Operational Plan 2022–2023 projects, together with the relevant Corporate Plan catalyst projects, are presented through alignment with the iFuture themes:

  • Vibrant and Growing
  • Safe, Inclusive and Creative
  • Natural and Sustainable
  • A Trusted and Leading Organisation

You can access the Operational Plan here.

Ipswich City Council Core Business Services


Core business services are what we do best to keep our city thriving and to meet our community's needs. It is all the activities undertaken by employees, whether it's maintenance of roads, collection of waste, operations of city libraries, assessing development applications or any of our support services. It is what we do to ensure Ipswich remains liveable for its residents and attractive to its visitors.

You can view Ipswich City Council's Core Business Services plan here.

Ipswich City Council Waste Services Performance Plan


Council established Ipswich Waste Services as a commercial business unit in 1998 for the purpose of delivering a high level of waste management services to its customers in a cost effective, efficient, timely and responsive manner, applying commercial principles of service delivery.

You can view Ipswich City Council's Waste Services Performance Plan here.