Ti Tree Bioenergy Funding

Council receives annual payments from Ti Tree Bioenergy to offset impacts from the facility and support projects with community and environmental benefits. Learn more...

About the Ti Tree Bioenergy Payments

The Ti Tree Bioenergy facility was established in 2002 in the suburb of Willowbank. In 2010, as a condition of the development approval at that time, it was determined that Ipswich City Council would receive annual payments of $120,000 plus a charge per tonne of waste processed above a specified amount. These funds were legally required to be used by council expressly on projects that delivered community and environmental benefit to offset any impacts from the facility. The operators of the waste facility have always maintained their enthusiasm in helping or contributing to the local community using these funds. At the time this was a unique arrangement in Queensland for a waste management facility working with a council.

Improving Governance and Transparency

On 25 February 2020 Council repealed a number of previous decisions concerning how Ti Tree Bioenergy payments were allocated and distributed, including the $5000 payment to the Willowbank Area Group. A new governance and management framework was developed, focused on improved reporting processes and transparency. The framework included assessment criteria for proposed community projects to provide a clear and rigorous process for approving projects and ensuring they provide the required community and environmental benefits. Projects are prioritised based on how well they meet the intent of the funding and this includes proximity and linkage to the perceived or real impacts of the Ti Tree facility. A working group was also formed, tasked with assessing and prioritising project proposals, and ensuring approved projects align with the intent of the funding.

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Propose your community project!

Under a new process, community projects can be proposed by the Ipswich community through an open consultation period on Council’s Shape Your Ipswich platform. The next consultation period will occur late in 2022. These proposals will then be assessed and ranked and reviewed by the local community group and the divisional councillors. Future budgets will be determined and proposed as part of the annual project prioritisation process and presented to Council for consideration.

Please note: The proposals received as part of the 2022 consultation period will be assessed, and the final list of projects will be released as part of the 2023-2024 projects.

Revenue & Project Delivery Costs

This quarterly report provides revenue received by Council and total project delivery costs for the financial year. The next scheduled update for the period will appear in September 2022.

Please note: During the governance review and since 2017-2018 financial year, whilst Ipswich City Council was under administration, contributions from Ti Tree were accrued.

Current Projects - Forecast Spend

This quarterly report provides the forecast spend for each current project as of April 2022. The next scheduled update for the period June to August 2022 will appear in September 2022.

Current Projects

Proposed Projects for 2022-2023