The Memorabilia Project


More than $61,000 has been raised at an online auction of memorabilia by Ipswich City Council.

About the Memorabilia Project

Since the dismissal of the former Council in 2018, staff worked to identify, catalogue and store a large number of items either purchased with Council monies, donated to Council, or were temporarily in the possession of Council.

It was determined in March 2021 by the newly elected Council that these items be sold via auction, returned to the original owner where possible, or donated to community groups and not-for-profits. The disposal of items was undertaken in late 2021, and items were either:

  • auctioned through engaged auction house, Lloyds
  • returned to owners who engaged with Council to reclaim items
  • donated to community groups, not-for-profits and members of the public through a donation event that ran over three days, or
  • retained by Council as identified gifts to the City.

Explore the Memorabilia Project Data

The below graph illustrates how items were disposed. Hover your mouse over an object to view it in full, or click the graph to explore the data in depth.

Proceeds allocated to Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding 2022

The Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding 2022 has been made possible through the sale of items as part of the Memorabilia Project.

The funding supports the development and delivery of projects that aim to prevent domestic and family violence, including:

  • projects that reinforce messages about positive behaviours, healthy relationships, and social norms rejecting all forms of violence
  • projects that raise awareness in the community of the destructive impacts of domestic and family violence
  • projects that engage local groups, organisations, and/or schools in leading efforts for change and to increase awareness in the local community of services and support available for those experiencing or perpetrating domestic and family violence.

To learn more about the successful applicants, visit our Community Funding story here.

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