Business with Illinois-Based Firms

Using local businesses to service Treasury operations

Prioritizing Illinois Businesses

The Office of the Illinois Treasurer has made it a priority to transform the office’s policies and operations to increase opportunities available to businesses headquartered in the State of Illinois.

Illinois is home to a multitude of highly talented, highly capable businesses that offer top-level financial services.

On the investment front, this includes brokerage firms, securities dealers, asset managers, banks, investment consultants, and other financial institutions.

Graphic emphasizing the State of Illinois

Illinois-Based Broker/Dealers

The Office of the Illinois Treasurer prioritizes the use of Illinois-based firms for broker/dealer services to support its two internally managed investment programs, State Investments and The Illinois Funds.

Illinois-Based Asset Managers

The Office of the Illinois Treasurer seeks to maximize the use of Illinois-based asset managers across all pertinent investment programs, including the State Investments, The Illinois Funds, 529 Investments, and Technology Development Account (TDA) investments.