Monthly Investment Summary

As of August 31, 2023

• Net Portfolio Assets*: $ 19,166,024,273

• Present Market Value: $ 19,166,009,535

• Monthly Investment Earnings: $ 90,901,264

• 7-Day Effective Yield**: 5.490%

• One Month Gross Yield: 5.529%

• One Month Effective Yield**: 5.456%

• Net Asset Value (per share): $1.00

• Weighted Average Maturity: 58.6 days

• Weighted Average Life: 118.6 days

*This total includes a State Investment of $ 10,575,378,774

**Yield, Net of Fees

Monthly Investment Earnings (since 2015)

Controlling for safety and liquidity, The Illinois Funds seeks to achieve competitive yields for Participants, whose net investment earnings can be plowed back into local government budgets to reduce their reliance on property and sales taxes for revenue. The fol

Summary of Inventory

In order to preserve the safety and liquidity of the portfolio, The Illinois Funds invests Participants' moneys in a variety of instruments that ensure that, at any time they need their funds, there will be sufficient liquidity that they can receive it--without gates or redemption fees.