CARES Act Funding: State Government

Funding to ensure the success of State Government day-to-day business operations

Idaho Rebounds: Supporting State Government Activities

The State of Idaho received an allocation of $1.25 billion to help fight the Coronavirus. The allocated dollars are visible down to each transaction within this portal. With the Transparent Idaho functionality, citizens can slice and dice data across multiple entities to get a picture of spending across the state.

One area of specific interest to many citizens is spending to benefit state government operations. Idaho is comprised of 91 state agencies with over 25,000 state employees. The State provides services such as education, health and human services, highway maintenance and construction, public safety and correction, natural resource management, and economic development programs.

CARES Act funding was vital to continue the day-to-day business operation of state government while steadfastly adjusting to telework.

Below you will find reports specifically filtered to show entity COVID-19 spending to support state government operations.

State Agency Expenditures

The Coronavirus Relief Fund was issued to the State of Idaho with guidance on the distribution of the funds, including funds dedicated to local communities (US Treasury Department Guidance). The Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) approved an allocation of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) to each entity to have access to recover costs associated with their response to the pandemic.

To combat the impact of COVID-19 on state government, every state agency received an allocation to provide the necessary tools for teleworking while also providing PPE for those remaining in the office.

The CFAC committee passed the original allocation for each entity on May 4, 2020 ( - May 4, 2020 Memo).

State IT Infrastructure

COVID-19 profoundly changed how Idaho State Government operates. The demands generated by a work-from-home workforce have placed unprecedented stress on the state’s IT infrastructure.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) users increased 532%. Bandwidth utilization is up 320%. Although Information Technology Services rose to the challenge to meet these increased demands, the current infrastructure failed to keep up, and the state endured several outages as a result.

CARES Act funding was utilized to create a robust IT infrastructure resilient enough to handle the current remote workload and scale for future circumstances that could warrant a similar response.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Idaho Rebounds: Detailed State Government Reporting

Below is the full list of all grants distributed through the State of Idaho to combat the negative impact of COVID-19. Any of the visualizations above or below the table can be clicked on to see greater detail and deeper analysis in a new browser tab.

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