CARES Act Funding: Economic & Business Support

Delivering economic and business support to Idaho's Communities

Idaho Rebounds: Supporting our Economy and Small Business

The State of Idaho received an allocation of $1.25 billion to help fight the Coronavirus. The allocated dollars are visible down to each transaction within this portal. With the Transparent Idaho functionality, citizens can slice and dice data across multiple entities to get a picture of spending across the state.

One area of specific interest to many citizens is business and economic support. In addition to its impact on public health, COVID-19 caused a major economic shock. To combat the negative impacts of COVID-19 on Idaho businesses and the economy, the Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee made CARES Act funding available to citizens across Idaho.

Below you will find reports specifically filtered to show COVID-19 spending to support Idaho's economy and businesses.

Small Business Grants

The Idaho Rebound Cash Grants for Small Businesses program delivered critical funds directly to businesses struggling due to COVID-19. The first wave of applications began on May 11, 2020, opened to small businesses with 1-19 employees.

On May 17, 2020, additional application periods opened for self-employed businesses that made up at least 50% of an individual’s income, as well as for businesses employing 20 - 50 people.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Return to Work Bonus

Several Americans who experienced job loss due to the pandemic were encouraged to return to work with a one-time bonus provided to each qualified employee.

CARES Act funding was utilized to offset short-term unemployment benefits and get workers back into the workplace.

Awards spanned from $1,500 for full-time work, a minimum of 30 hours per week, to $750 for part-time work, a minimum of 20 hours per week, over the four weeks following return to work.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Rent and Utility Assistance

Idaho citizens who struggled to pay their rent or utility bills as a result of hardship due to COVID-19 were offered support from the Idaho Housing and Finance Association's Housing Preservation Program.

The Housing Preservation Program was funded by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association's initial investment of $250,000 in April 2020. Governor Brad Little and the Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) allocated another $5 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, with an option for two more $5 million installments based on Idaho Renters' needs.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Lost Wages Assistance Program

The impacts of COVID-19 span beyond healthcare; citizens across the State of Idaho experienced a loss of income and struggled to pay rent, buy groceries, and support their families.

The Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program was a five-week FEMA grant which allows states to offer an additional $300 per week in "lost wages assistance" benefits to workers unemployed due to COVID-19 who receive at least $100 in unemployment benefits per week.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Idaho Rebounds: Detailed Economic and Business Support Reporting

Below is the full list of all grants distributed through the State of Idaho to benefit Idaho's economy and businesses. Any of the visualizations above or below the table can be clicked on to see greater detail and deeper analysis in a new browser tab.

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