CARES Act Funding: Public Safety

Providing Support for COVID-19 Expenses to Idaho's Communities

Idaho Rebounds: Protecting Idaho Citizens

The State of Idaho received an allocation of $1.25 billion to help fight the Coronavirus. The allocated dollars are visible down to each transaction within this portal. With the Transparent Idaho functionality, citizens can slice and dice data across multiple entities to get a picture of spending across the state.

One area of specific interest to many citizens is public safety spending. As leadership enacted stay-at-home orders to flatten the curve, public safety workers were on the front line protecting Idahoans. CARES Act funding was utilized across the state to benefit police officers, correction officers, correctional facilities, and safety services. Keeping the public safe has been a top priority from the beginning.

In the past, it would have been extremely tedious and time-consuming to gather how funds were distributed within the various public safety entities. However, with the Chart of Accounts functionality, we can break out public safety costs from numerous political subdivisions.

Below you will find reports specifically filtered to show entity COVID-19 spending to support public safety efforts.

Governor's Public Safety Initiative

The Governor’s Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) approved an allocation of $188 million for a new program that leverages federal coronavirus relief funds to cover local public safety personnel salaries and allows cities and counties to pass on the savings to property taxpayers.

This funding would allow city and county governments who opted in to cover the payroll of public health and public safety employees so long as they agreed to pass along the resulting budget savings to Idahoans in the form of property tax relief.

After gathering all interested participants, the allocation was decreased to $126 million and the remaining funds were reverted to be reallocated.

Click here to see those local government entities that opted into this program.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Activation of National Guard

To combat the spread of coronavirus within our community, the National Guard was called upon to increase testing capacity. On Nov. 13, Gov. Brad Little activated 100 members from the Idaho National Guard to support testing and vaccination efforts across the state.

Guardsmen were stationed at several central district health centers, local hospitals, health care facilities, medical centers, COVID-19 testing stations, food banks, and the Lighthouse Rescue Mission while also partnering with Good Samaritan staff and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Idaho Rebounds: Detailed Public Safety Reporting

Below is the list of all grants distributed through the State of Idaho to benefit public safety. Any of the visualizations above or below the table can be clicked on to see greater detail and deeper analysis in a new browser tab.

Transparent Idaho allows all citizens and reporters to explore the data by different views. If you have any troubles or questions, please contact us at