CARES Act Funding: Other

Funding to provide food security and other support to Idaho citizens

Idaho Rebounds: Supporting Other Initiatives

The State of Idaho received an allocation of $1.25 billion to help fight the Coronavirus. The allocated dollars are visible down to each transaction within this portal. With the Transparent Idaho functionality, citizens can slice and dice data across multiple entities to get a picture of spending across the state.

Some initiatives do not fit into one of the areas of specific interest but are important initiatives for our state. To combat the negative impacts of COVID-19 on the citizens of Idaho, the Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee provided CARES Act funding to the Idaho Foodbank. Below you will find reports specifically filtered to show COVID-19 spending.

The Idaho Foodbank is considered an essential service and vital to providing food to communities across Idaho. Managers of the Idaho Foodbank noted a 46% increase in food distributions in 2020.

To ensure food security during an unprecedented pandemic event, the USDA provided the Coronavirus Food Assistance program. The “Farmers to Families Food Box Program” is part of the USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). This program allows more food to flow quickly into Idaho while aiding farmers and ranchers throughout the country.

The USDA has announced the extension of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, also known as the “Farmers to Families” food boxes thru April 2021.

View the CFAC recommendation memo authorizing this funding here.

Idaho Rebounds: Detailed Reporting

Below is the list of all grants distributed through the State of Idaho to benefit other special projects to combat COVID-19. Any of the visualizations above or below the table can be clicked on to see greater detail and deeper analysis in a new browser tab.

Transparent Idaho allows all citizens and reporters to explore the data by different views. If you have any troubles or questions, please contact us at