2022 Sidewalk Program

Updated 07/20/22

The sidewalk program for 2022 started in 2021 when letters were sent out to all the homeowners in the program. A map is attached that shows the area of the city affected by the program. The property owners in this area were given the opportunity to fix the sidewalk themselves. If they did not get the sidewalk fixed, then they were included in a list of properties that the City bid out on March 4. Multi-Task Construction was the low bidder on the project and performed the work on these lots. Construction is completed. Invoices will soon be sent out to the homeowners, and they will be given the opportunity until August 12th to either pay the full invoice or have the cost assessed on their property taxes.

2022 Sidewalk Program Map

2022 Street Program

Updated 07/20/22

The street program for Huber Heights consists of paving streets and replacing deteriorated curb. Curb replacement will be performed on the streets that are scheduled to be paved this year and on a few streets that has pavement that is still in good condition but curb that is in poor condition. The City bid out the curb repairs on March 4 and Multi-Task Construction was the low bidder. The curb replacement is currently being worked on and will be complete around September. The paving of the selected roads (list attached) will begin around October and be completed in November.

2022 Street Program List

2022 Water Main Replacement Project

The Water Main Replacement Project for 2022 was recently bid out for local contractors. The May 27th bid resulted with 7 contractors bidding on the project and M & T Excavating was the lowest and best contractor and they were awarded the contract. The water main will be replaced on three different streets in the Huber Heights area that has had numerous water main breaks over the last few years. The location of the replacements include portions of the following streets: Hubbard Drive, Hinckley Court, Holbrook Drive, Helwig Drive, and Alter Road (Map Attached).

The start of the project is estimated to be in approximately 6 months, this is due to the current delivery time for the ductile iron pipe that is the City standard. As soon as the contracts are signed, the pipe will be ordered. The installation will start at the end of the year and will take approximately 4 to 5 months to complete. The new pipe will be installed by trenching either in the street or in the grass area between the sidewalk and the curb. The installation project will include new fire hydrants and new water valves. The old water main will be abandoned.

The cost for the water main replacement on these streets is $1,850,000.

Water Main Replacement Map