Lakeside Park & Teddy Bear Garden Improvements


Project Details

  • Project Description: Improvements for Lakeside Park will include improved grading and drainage, landscaping, sidewalk connections, bench pad locations, and an ADA accessibility ramp east of the pedestrian bridge. Landscape rehabilitation will focus on areas where tree coverage, pedestrian traffic, and ducks have compromised existing sod and/or ground cover. Lakeside Park will remain closed through Spring 2024.

  • Current Update: 11/02/23: Demolition and prep work began Nov. 1, 2023.
  • Estimated Completion: Late Spring/Early Summer 2024
  • Hardscape Improvements Contractor: Cole Construction
  • Landscape Improvements Contractor: SRH Landscaping
  • Contact Information: Chelsey Gordon, Assistant Director of Development Services,

Capital Plan Information

  • Total Appropriated: $2 million
  • Project Funding Sources: Capital Improvement Fund
Landscape acrhitectural prints for a portion of Lakeside Park - 1
Landscape acrhitectural prints for a portion of Lakeside Park - 2
Landscape acrhitectural prints for a portion of Lakeside Park - 3


Examples of the deteriorated state of landscape and green spaces within Lakeside Park prior to improvements

Compacted earth

Lakeside Parks ducks on dirt ground under trees

In areas that should be green spaces, heavy traffic from water fowl and pedestrians, as well as flooding, have compromised the earth and prevents the growth of ground cover and sod.

Brick bench pads

Bench pad of brick

The foundation for the teak benches in the park are currently constructed of brick. The current, adopted Parks Plan has changed the construction to be made of stone, a more natural and beautiful foundation to enhance the environment.

Deterioration of pathways

Deteriorated sidewalk

Much of the hardscapes, such as sidewalks, are beginning to deteriorate and become hazards.


Completion Date: August 2023

Improvements Made: To provide better access to the Teddy Bear Garden within Lakeside Park and to eliminate confusion for visitors, an ADA pathway/ramp was constructed. Enhanced landscaping and hardscape elements were also added. The pathway design now mimics the Exall Pedestrian Bridge design utilizing the IPE wood for the cross bars and decking, as well as the airline wire for the railing.

The Teddy Bear Garden will remain closed for the remainder of the overall Lakeside Park Improvement Project.

Capital Plan Information

  • Total Appropriated: $500,000
  • Actual Expenditure: $542,977
  • Project Funding Sources: Capital Improvement Fund

Teddy Bear garden after improvements


Address: 4601 Lakeside Drive, Highland Park, TX 75205