Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Fiscal Year 2022-23


The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes new and continued capital projects funded in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23 Budget. Information on capital projects completed in FY 2021-22 are also included to identify funds spent on recently completed projects as well as those that are projected for future years. Fiscal Year 2019-20 and Fiscal Year 2020-21 CIP projects are also included for historical purposes on the expenditure summaries. Frequently, CIP projects extend beyond one fiscal year.

The City's construction projects and major capital acquisitions that have an extended life are included in the Capital Improvement Program. In some circumstances, studies undertaken related to anticipate future capital projects are also included. Generally, the CIP will include capital projects that repair, replace, or enhance existing facilities, equipment, or infrastructure, and capital facility projects that significantly expand or add capacity to the City's existing fixed assets.

City staff identify funded projects through an evaluation of the adequacy of existing infrastructure to meet the needs of the current and existing residential and business community. Through this process, staff analyze opportunities to improve facilities to best meet the needs of the community. The City's General Plan, Specific Plans, Hazard Mitigation Plan, and regional growth projections are referenced during this process. During the creation of the annual legislative platform, and through the budget process, funding recommendations are presented to the City Council for consideration and approval.

Capital Improvement Program Projects $54,103,094

CIP Projects

Ranchero Road Related Projects

● Ranchero Road Improvements - Seventh Avenue to Mariposa Road

● Ranchero Road Aqueduct Crossing

● Ranchero Road Street Improvement - Danbury to I Avenue

● Ranchero Road Undercrossing

● Traffic Signal - Ranchero Road/Maple Avenue

● Traffic Signal - Ranchero Road/Cottonwood Avenue

● Traffic Signal @ Ranchero Road/Seventh Avenue

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