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FY 2025 - 2034 Capital Improvement Program

Summary of the Adopted FY 2025 - 2034 CIP Expense Budgets

The Adopted CIP includes recommended funding of about $158 million across approximately 207 projects in FY 2025. The Adopted CIP also recommends approximately $1 billion in tentative programming for the entire ten-year period from FY 2025 through FY 2034. Click below to learn more about the projects that comprise these adopted expenditures, either by project category or by funding source.


Proposed CIP Budget:

Total FY25 Budget: $158 Million

Total Ten-Year Budget: $1 Billion


Other Key Insights:

Total FY25 General Fund Transfers to CIP Funds: $3.1 Million

Four of the 23 CIP Funds rely on transfers from the General Fund for project expenses. Click here to learn more.


Total FY25 Internal Service Fee (ISF) Funding within CIP Funds: $4.6 Million

Four of the CIP Funds are also Internal Service Funds, meaning they use Internal Service Fees (ISF) to finance project expenses. Click here to learn more.


Total Identified and Unfunded Capital Needs: $690 Million

This section of the CIP identifies critical needs that, as of now, have no identified funding sources. Click here to learn more.

CIP Projects are funded by various sources, including the General Fund, Internal Services Fees (ISF), and restricted-use Special Revenue and Enterprise funds, including Gas Tax, Measure B, Measure BB, Measure C, and Enterprise (e.g., Sewer, Water, Recycled Water, and Airport) funds. Click here to learn more about these funding sources and which projects are supported by them.

CIP Projects are categorized as Livable Neighborhoods, Road & Street, Pavement Rehabilitation, Fleet Management, Municipal Facility Improvements, Equipment & Software, Water System, Sewer System, Airport, or Miscellaneous Projects. Click here to view more details about these categories and the projects that comprise them.

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‣ Appendix A: All Project Budgets by Category

Search for any project by number or key word to see their ten-year budget and category.


‣ Appendix B: All Project Descriptions and Funds

Search for any project by number or key word to see a brief description and their funding source.


‣ Appendix C: All Fund Summary Sheets

View a PDF of all the CIP Fund Summary Sheets here. The Fund Summary Sheets reflect all project expense budgets, revenues, transfers and fund balances.