Human Resources

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It is the mission of the Human Resources/Risk Management (HR/RM) Department to function as a strategic business partner collaborating with all City Departments to balance the needs of the employees and the City in a manner that allows employees to operate efficiently and effectively when engaged in the performance of duties that support the citizens of our community.

Key Accomplishment

  • Negotiated Health Insurance renewal for FY 2023 with a 4% increase in premiums, exceeding local insurance renewal trends which were in excess of 7%.
  • Hired consultant to conduct a Classification & Compensation Study which resulted in ________ ASK RADU TO EXPAND.
  • Evaluated and purchased 17 defibrillators for facilities citywide to enhance emergency response capabilities and potentially save lives in critical situations.
  • Negotiated Health Insurance renewal for FY 2022 with a 5% increase in premiums, exceeding local insurance renewal trends which were in excess of 8%.
  • Negotiated 3-year IUPA, Police Union Collective Bargaining Agreement, avoiding impasse.
  • Awarded 2022 Platinum Level status for the City’s Workplace Well-being program, in comparison to other Aetna wellness programs in the USA.
  • Developed and implemented the Paid Parental Leave Policy, first in Broward County.
  • Developed and implemented a Post-Pandemic Return to work policy which includes benefits such as teleworking, self-care days, and temporary flexible work schedule.


Insurance RFP

  • Release an RFP for employee insurance benefits to be able to purchase the best coverage at the lowest possible rates - Health/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance/supplemental benefits for FY25.

NeoGov Perform

  • Rollout of the new employee evaluation system that will be aligned with to support the City's direction and objectives, a system that is user-friendly and provides 360 feedback, and provides visible, value-added benefits in the areas of performance planning, performance development, feedback and achieving results.

Wellness Initiatives

  • Continue implementing citywide wellness initiatives that will help offset future insurance costs and create a healthier work environment.
  • Update the employee handbook and HR/Risk Management policies.

Enhance Employee Communication

  • Continue providing monthly HR Minute meetings to introduce staff to HR/RM policies/procedures/etc.
  • Add 2 additional TV’s/digital media announcement programs to display HR/RM information citywide.

In-Person Safety Training for City Staff

  • We plan to continue with quarterly in-person safety training classes to include - use of defibrillator; CPR; stop the bleed; etc.

Citywide HR Training

  • Provide semi-annual citywide ongoing training on many different HR topics.

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