City Manager

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The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer for the entire City, responsible for establishing organizational goals and providing overall administrative direction for all City departments. The Office of the City Manager coordinates, implements, and evaluates all policies, procedures, protocols, and programs, in accordance with City codes adopted by the Commission.

The City Manager's Office also responds to general questions, requests, and complaints registered by residents. All information from residents is recorded and distributed to the appropriate department for response and resolution. The City Manager is responsible for establishing an annual budget, which includes the City’s 5-year Capital Program and its 3-year Citywide Strategic and Business Plan. The City Manager’s Office oversees the Broward County Office Fire contract.

Furthermore, the City Manager’s Office is responsible for the implementation of the Citywide Parks Master Plan and its associated capital projects.

The City Manager’s Office staff consists of the City Manager, two (2) Assistant City Managers, one (1) Executive Assistant to the City Manager, two (2) Senior Administrative Assistants, one (1) Public Information Officer, and one (1) Contract Administrator. The Office quickly resolves problems and overcomes obstacles to advance the success of the city, concentrating on the practical day-to-day hands-on to meet deadlines, work within established budgets, create, formulate, communicate, and implement strategies and objectives and take action with proactive follow-through to ensure success.

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