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The Finance Department is responsible for the financial management and planning of the City. This includes establishing and maintaining effective controls of the City's financial activities and providing accurate financial information to outside auditors and local, state and federal agencies in a timely manner.

The Finance Department is responsible to safeguard the City’s assets and for preparing interim and annual financial reports for both internal and external stakeholders. Direct responsibilities include accounting, payroll, accounts payable, treasury management including debt management compliance and investments, fixed assets, cashier, utility billing and customer service. The Finance Department is the fiduciary agent for the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (HBCRA).

The Grants Management Division centralizes City-wide grant operations in order to maintain a system for grant oversight and coordination to limit the City's exposure to liability and loss of funding.

Vision: To increase grant funding for the City of Hallandale Beach to enhance services and programs.

Mission: To ensure the City of Hallandale Beach effectively manages grants activities and establishes internal controls and guidelines for research, application, financial and reporting of City, County, State, Federal or other grant policies, offering training and technical assistance services.

Responsibilities: The Grants Division is responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing, distributing, and revising policies
  • Coordinating and tracking grant applications
  • Managing awards
  • Reviewing and submitting financial and programmatic reports
  • Closeouts
  • Providing grant accounting services to Departments
  • Serving as the centralized location for all financial grant master files

As a value-added service, the office also offers training, disaster cost recovery, outsourced grant writing services, grant related resources; and provides a complete and accurate disclosure of each program and its financial results.

Key Accomplishments

  • Implemented a new customer portal making paying your Utility Bills, General Bills, and Business Tax Receipts Bills easy. Expanded payment options to include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Electronic Check, PayPal, PayPal Credit and Venmo. Pay-by-text, automatic payment, customized bill notification and bill reminder options are available. Please visit for more information.
  • Recommended a Payment-in-lieu-of-franchise fee (PILOFF) charged to the Utility Fund for the collection of reasonable payments from the Utility Fund for the use and occupancy of the rights-of-way and public lands within the City during the FY2023 budget cycle. This fee is projected to provide the General Fund with $1.5 million in additional annual revenues.
  • Recommended a Payment-in-lieu-of-franchise fee (PILOFF) charged to the Sanitation Fund during the FY2023 budget cycle. Prior to this fee, a similar franchise fee was charged to private haulers only. This fee would charge a franchise fee to in-house sanitation services at the same rate that would apply to private haulers if operations were to be outsourced or privatized. This fee is projected to provide the General Fund with $1.5 million in additional annual revenues.
  • Established a Renewal Replacement Fund for general city assets. This program is being implemented during FY2023 and ensure funding for the future replacement of assets related to parks, police, computer equipment, and other assets needed to keep minimum levels of service.
  • During FY2022, the City completed Phase I of the FY2023-FY2027 Utility Rate Study. This study will ensure that adequate levels of fees are collected to fund the City’s $230M infrastructure improvement plan.
  • In the 1Q FY2023, the Finance Department spearheaded the development of a City-wide AMI Meter Remediation Project to tackle the massive meter reading failure problem throughout the City. The plan as presented at the December 14, 2022 City Commission Meeting.
  • In FY2023, the Finance Department’s implementation of an improved treasury and cash management function has increased interest income by $825,000 exceeding FY2022’s interest income for the entire fiscal year by 211% within just 7 months of the fiscal year. Total interest income through April 2023 was $1.2 million.

  • Expanded the Grants Office and its operations/capacity to include pre-award and post-award services. To date, the Office has secured approximately $32.7 million in new and competitive grant awards, which excludes recurring Human Services annual grants, CARES and ARPA funding
  • The $32.7 million in awards have been strategically pursued and attained to support Public Safety Capacity and Equipment, Sewer and Stormwater Infrastructure, Electric Vehicle Transportation and Transit Operations, Disaster Cost Recovery, Sustainability and Resiliency Efforts, and Park Construction

Major awards:

  • $14.9 million from the Department of Economic Opportunity to support the rehabilitation and modernization of critical sewer infrastructure
  • $5.9 million from FEMA to add 14 Firefighter Positions
  • $3.4 million from the FDOT for the purchase of Electric Buses
  • $2.8 million from the Department of Economic Opportunity to fund the Dixie Hwy Force Main Project
  • $1.5 million from FEMA to reimburse the City for Hurricane Irma related costs
  • $1.5 million federal earmark for construction of the new EV Bus Charing and Parking Station
  • $700,000 from the Department of Justice to support a Public Safety Initiative
  • EV Buses and Charging Facilities – Major push to secure funding for this project. Efforts include state direct appropriation requests and federal earmarks that were completed through collaboration with the City’s State and Federal Lobbyists and the Office of Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz

Disaster Cost Recovery Efforts

  • Recovered $1.5 million through FEMA for costs incurred for Hurricane Irma, the second most costly disaster for the City of Hallandale Beach since Hurricane Wilma
  • Closed Hurricane Wilma with the State of Florida, a disaster that took place over 15 years ago
  • Documented and coordinated the various cost recovery tasks for other disasters including Hurricane Dorian, and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Documented and currently coordinating disaster cost recovery efforts for the recent Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole
  • Established a Disaster Cost Recovery process for the City inclusive of Documentation Liaison Training, Reimbursement Documentation Process and Forms, and Coordination with critical departments such as Finance, Human Resources, Police, Public Works, and Procurement.
  • Established checklists to better organize departmental responsibilities in preparation and response to various emergencies including floods and hurricanes.


  • Facilitate the issuance of approximately $60M in utility revenue bonds for the construction of utility infrastructure projects.
  • Complete implementation of the AMI Meter Remediation Project.
  • Reduce utility billing estimated reads to below 10%.
  • Complete implementation of ACFR Preparation and Reporting Software.
  • Obtain GFOA Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
  • Increase percentage of customers who currently pay their general and utility bills using automatic payment methods or online to 70%.
  • Complete equipment inventory counts for all city departments.
  • Undergo external and single audits of the City with no material findings.
  • Enhance the City’s pooled cash system to include pooled investment accounts.
  • Implementation of Munis Bank Reconciliation Manager.
  • Complete all City bank reconciliations within 45 days of the month-end.
  • Implement a separate cash management program for the Grants Division
  • Expand Apple Pay and Google Pay payment capabilities citywide.

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