Sustainable Development

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The Department of Sustainable Development mission is to positively influence the City’s future, sustain the safety of the City’s buildings and properties, and enhance the City’s quality and appeal by providing services that assure adherence to sound planning principles, require safe building practices, and compel code-compliant maintenance.

The Department of Sustainable Development directs the orderly growth and development of the City of Hallandale Beach through coordination of the Planning and Zoning Division, Building Division, Code Compliance Division, Business Tax & Regulations Division, and Transportation and Mobility functions. By working with other Departments, citizen’s boards and neighborhood groups, the City can be developed according to the long-range goals adopted by the City Commission, the Comprehensive Plan, and safeguard the health and welfare of our community.

  1. Key Accomplishment

    Planning and Zoning Division

    • Added 500 RAC Units Comprehensive Plan Amendments
    • Property Rights Elements
    • FADD District 8 Parking requirements and LDR’S

    Transportation and Mobility

    • CSLIP Cycle 6: 1 shovel-ready project submitted for funding
    • FDOT Grant award (EV Bus purchase) ($6M) (50%match)
    • Completion of bus stop inventory and geolocation
    • Purchase of 9 EV BYD buses. Two buses currently being manufactured. Delivery of entire fleet expected for January 2024.
    • Submitted 27 projects for MPO's Route to 2050 plan.
    • Participated in public education campaign for railroad crossing safety with MPO and 7 other Broward County municipalities.

    Business Tax and Regulations Division

    • Successful launch of Certificate of Use Program on October 3, 2022
    • Successful launch of online BTR process on August 3, 2022.

    Code Compliance Division

    Illegal dumping enforcement with trash marking and collaboration with DPW:
    • Increased voluntary compliance and reduced violations in monitored locations
    • Increased monitored areas with:
      • Hiring of 2 new sanitation Code Compliance Specialist focused on illegal dumping
    • Elimination of courtesy notices
    • Implementation of civil citations with next-day sanitation pick-up

    Building Division

    • Transition to online submittals for all permitting processed
    • Provides process numbers to track all the request or changes to a permit
    • Allows customers to submit processes at their convenience
    • As a result, 4,220 processes on top of the permit applications were submitted last year
    • Reconfiguration of permitting system:
    • Reducing the number of tracking numbers an applicant receives during process
    • Allows all tracking and fee information centralized and easier for applicants to find and follow.

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