Budget and Program Monitoring

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The Department of Budget and Program Monitoring coordinates the preparation of the City’s annual operating and 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budgets and monitors the status after adoption. This includes providing financial and budgetary information for the City Manager, City Commission and City departments; as well as being responsible for policy implementation relating to budgetary practices and controls.

The Department also supports the City’s strategic plan and facilities performance measure reporting and monitor program and projects.

Key Accomplishments

  • Adopted the FY 23 budget without the use of General Fund Balance.
  • Successful collaboration with teams across the city to support critical projects such as the development of the FY2023/2027 CIP Plan.
  • Assisted in the creation of the revenue financial strategies which resulted in $33M in additional non-ad valorem (non-tax) revenues.
  • Fine-tuned the monthly budget report for additional transparency and analysis and created an SOP for training purposes.
  • Proposed the Renewal and Replacement Program which sets funding aside every year for scheduled replacement and renewal of assets, this will greatly reduce large one-time expenditures and allow for a smoothing out of expenditures over the years.
  • Launched the City’s dashboard metric that provides information on goals and outcome focused performance management.


  • Engaged with a company to revamp the preparation of the CIP process from a manual process.


• Seek recognition through the submission for the Distinguished Budget Award.

• Conduct and finalize an updated Fire Assessment Study.

• Accomplish an updated Cost Allocation Plan.

• Formulate policies and procedures for Renewal and Replacement.

• Complete pending standard operating procedures

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