Capital Improvement Plan Overview

Citywide Capital Improvement Program Overview

The City of Hallandale Beach Capital Improvement Program is an integral part of planning the City's future. The Capital Improvement Program provides a process whereby capital projects are evaluated and prioritized to improve and/or enhance the quality of life for our citizens and community. Capital projects are defined as physical assets, constructed, or purchased, with a useful life of at least ten years and a total minimum cost of $20,000.

The capital improvement process begins in January of the year of adoption of the annual budget. Departments are required to evaluate and recommend various capital projects in terms of citywide needs and fiscal resources. The City Manager and Budget Committee review, evaluate and prioritize the projects based on various criteria prior to the projects being incorporated as a budgetary request. Once approved by the City Commission, the process continues through staff refinement thereby enabling a timely and fiscally responsible completion. The City develops a five-year capital improvement program and updates it annually. The City enacts an annual capital budget based on the five-year capital improvement plan. The City coordinates development of the capital improvement plan with development of the operating budget. Future operating costs associated with new capital improvements are projected in operating budget forecasts. The City seeks alternative funding sources (e.g. Grants) to finance only those capital improvements that are consistent with the Capital Improvement Plan and the City’s priorities. The City maintains its assets at a level adequate to both protect the City’s capital interest and minimize future maintenance and replacement costs. The City determines the least costly financing method for all new projects.

A total of $6,522,270 is presented in the FY 23/24 Capital Budget for appropriation. This total includes funding in various City funds (e.g., Capital Projects Fund, Stormwater Fund & Utility Fund,).

On September 28, 2022 the City Commission adopted a CIP Plan that included approximately $230 million in water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. Included in this plan was approximately $180 million to be financed through the issuance of utility revenue bonds. The first series of utility revenue bonds are expected to be issued in FY 2023-24. Details of those projects related to the Utility Revenue Bond can be found in the following documents.

There are eight categories of projects: Public Safety, Facilities, Mobility, Sustainability, Parks and Recreation, Stormwater, Utility and Transportation.

The online visual version of the 5-year Plan can be found City of Hallandale Beach CIP . A summary of projects and a detailed description sheet for each project that is to be appropriated is provided in the following pages.