Revenue Trends

Special Revenue Funds

State Shared and Motor Fuel Taxes - Transportation Fund (Intergovernmental Revenue)

A portion of this revenue is from the Municipal Fuel Tax portion of the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund for Municipalities, which consists of the one-cent municipal tax on motor fuel. These funds must be used for transportation-related expenditures. In addition, Broward County levies a total of 12 cents of local option fuel taxes on fuel sold within the County of which 10 cents is shared with the cities through inter-local agreements. The 10 cent-share is comprised of 6 cents (referred to as the “original” local option fuel tax) and 4 cents of the 5 cents (referred to as the “additional” local option fuel tax). The local option fuel tax of 6 cents is applicable to every net gallon of motor and diesel fuel sold within the County. The local option fuel tax of 4 cents is applicable to every net gallon of motor fuel sold within the County, diesel fuel is exempt from this tax. The distribution of these local option fuel taxes to each municipality is in direct proportion to the City’s population compared to the population of the County. Revenue received by the City from the local option fuel taxes must be used for transportation expenditures. In addition to the local option fuel taxes, the County levies a “Ninth-Cent” fuel tax of 1 cent on every net gallon of motor and diesel fuel sold within Broward County. No revenue from this tax is received by the City.

Projection Methodology: The FY 2023-24 Adopted revenue is based on information from the Florida Department of Revenue, combined with the historical trend, which represents a slight increase of $41,861.

Licenses and Permits – Permits and Inspections Fund

Licenses and permits, with most of the revenue coming from building permits, were all in the General Fund prior to the FY 18/19 Budget. Effective with the FY 18/19 Budget, the Building Division of the Development Services Department was set up as a Special Revenue Fund. The revenue in this new Permits and Inspections Fund is from building permits which are charges for permit and inspection services related to new construction, additions, alterations, and repairs to existing structures, as well as for demolitions. Building permits are issued to any individual or business performing construction work within City limits. Building permit fees are established by ordinance and vary by type of permit. Permits are issued for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roofing and gas inspections. The chart below only reflects the building permits which are now in the new Permits and Inspections Fund.

Projection Methodology: The FY 2023-24 Adopted budget includes an increase due to the hybrid contract that the City has entered into which allows for additional personnel to handle the issuing of licenses and permits and is projected to increase revenues by $200,000 or 44%