Department of Public Works

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The Department of Public Works is committed to the enhancement of our community by providing superior services and effectively maintaining and improving the City's infrastructure.

The Department of Public Works serves the City of Hallandale Beach through the administration of a wide variety of functions which can be divided into four major categories: Public Works, Utilities, Engineering, and the Office of Capital Improvements.

Public Works addresses the maintenance of the City’s facilities. This includes the maintenance and repair of City buildings and grounds, the maintenance of the City’s vehicle fleet, the maintenance of City streets and sidewalks, the operation of the city warehouse, and the maintenance and operation of the municipal cemetery. Public Works also manages the collection of garbage, trash, yard waste, hazardous waste, electronics, and recyclables within the city and oversees environmental compliance.

Utilities addresses the operation and maintenance of the water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities, including the production and distribution of potable water, and the maintenance of all water, wastewater, and stormwater facilities in the City.

Engineering provides oversight and implementation of capital improvement programs and projects. This primarily entails programs and projects related to transportation and utilities. The Department also manages Renewal and Replacement Programs to account for the replacement of sanitation, water, wastewater, and stormwater drainage equipment.

The Office of Capital Improvements is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring the design development and construction activities related to the objectives of the City-Wide Parks Master Plan and other assigned capital projects on time and on budget. In addition, the Office of Capital Improvements prepares the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget and manages its capital funds.

Key Accomplishment

Completed Projects

  • Lift Station #8
  • Raw Water Well #9
  • Raw Water Well #9 supply watermain
  • 12-inch water main upgrade with road restoration on Foster Rd.
  • Developed the 2022 Infrastructure Construction Plan
  • Stormwater Floodplain Management Plan
  • Water Distribution Rehabilitation Plan
  • Lift Station #14 Submersible Grinder Pump Installation

Environmental Compliance

  • Established and added the Division of Environmental Compliance and Asset Management, the first time this division has existed in the City Achievements include:
  • Improved educational relationships with restaurant owners on their infrastructure responsibilities related to grease interceptors and control devices
  • Over $60,000 worth of grease interceptor repairs performed by restaurants desiring to be compliant and improve their management of grease
  • Recent judgements against violating restaurants have led to fines more than $15,000

Emergency Management

  • Completed and submitted the Risk/Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Plan for the water treatment facility and distribution system in compliance with the American Water Infrastructure Act, AWIA. Completed the updating of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


  • Repaired the collapsed section of 72-inch pipe in the SE section.
  • Cleaning of the SE section large diameter (60 inch and larger) system infrastructure, which had not been done in 3 years
  • Cleaning of the NE section large diameter (60 inch and larger) system infrastructure, which had not been done in 3 years
  • Replacement and repair of twelve curb inlet/catch basins valued at $200,000
  • Increased street sweeping operations to include the NW and SW sections of the city
  • Initiated the Stormwater Master Plan, first one ever done for the city.
  • Stormwater Filter Screens and QR System Installation Pilot on Parkview Drive, first City in South Florida and was featured in Channel 10 twice for the innovation it brings to the stormwater management.
  • CRS recertification audit for participation in National Flood Insurance Program –
  • Completed the 5-year Audit and recertification
  • Cleaning of the 110 inch stormwater line on Atlantic Shores Blvd.


  • Procured 54 new police vehicles (inclusive of 13 Teslas) and a new Vactor Truck

FY2022/2023 Update:

Completed Projects

  • Stormwater Master Plan
  • 72-inch Stormwater Pipe Repair
  • 16inch Water Main with road repair (Church St.)
  • Sunset Dr. bridge roadway repair
  • COHB Roadway Rehabilitation Plan
  • Installed Traffic Calming in the NW Section (NW 10th St. bet NW 3rd and NW 6th Ave., speed tables and stop signs)


Resiliency and Sustainability

  • Continue to implement the strategic goals to (1) create a balanced growth and preservation, vibrant, innovative, and resilient community; (2) ensure City operations are low-impact, efficient and responsive; and (3) improve our community by implementing policies that protect the environment, use resources responsibly, support vulnerable members of community and proactively adapt to the changing world.
  • Continue our partnership with Broward County initiatives such as the Water conservation partnership Program and NatureScape Irrigation Service (NIS) Program.
  • Review and update the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) and Climate Action Plan (CAP initiative).
  • Develop and implement a Sustainability Communication Plan (SAP initiative)
  • Develop and implement sustainability awareness and training sessions for internal employees and external stakeholders (public) (SAP initiative).
  • Pursue Green Business Certification for local businesses (CAP initiative).
  • Develop and update the Vulnerability Assessment to meet the new requirements of section 380.093 of the Florida Statutes (“Always Ready Florida”).
  • Continue to reduce our carbon impacts to the environment by working alongside other city departments, external partners, and stakeholders to deliver a fully operational EV bus fleet for community transit services.
  • Continue our collaboration with Florida Power & Light (FPL) to construct electric vehicle charging infrastructure in strategic locations.
  • Clean 33% of storm drain structures annually.
  • Reduce inflow/infiltration (I/I) by 1.7% from the previous year.
  • Repair 100% of identified sidewalk problem areas annually.

Water Feasibility Study and Assessment

  • Continue to implement the strategic goal of reducing PFAS and PFOA in the drinking water and the environment by conducting an assessment, which will enable us to make sound decisions regarding finished water treatment and distribution.
  • Complete the assessment and implement strategies in FY 24.

Strategic Plan for Wastewater Treatment Capacity

  • Develop a long-term strategic plan for wastewater treatment to ensure capacity for our residents and future residential development, which may entail increasing City’s allotment with Hollywood, and the construction of a second wastewater treatment facility in partnership with North Miami Beach.

Water Interconnect between City of Hallandale Beach and City of Hollywood

  • Finalize the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Hollywood to commence with the design process for the installation of interconnection. The interconnection will increase the redundancy in the water distribution system and improve our ability to deliver drinking water to the City in case of an emergency.

Assessment of Cemetery/Mausoleum Division

  • Evaluate the feasibility of maintaining services in-house or contracting the administration and management of the cemetery, mausoleum and related services to a qualified provider.
  • Complete an inventory audit of the cemetery.

Stormwater Management Project Prioritization

  • Based on the Stormwater Master Plan, prioritize the projects that are reflected in the plan that will have the greatest impact of enhancing our flood mitigation efforts. The financial plan will be developed for design and construction.

Sanitation Services Delivery

  • Obtain route optimization software, undertake a sanitation services rate study, and continue to replace aging vehicle and equipment.
  • Maintain the missed sanitation pickup rate at 5% or less.
  • Address a minimum of 95% of sanitation concerns within 24 hours.
  • Satisfy at least 90% of on-demand sanitation pickups within 72 hours of request.

Professional Development

  • Continue offering training and development opportunities as well as establish career paths for employees to advancement within the organization.

Accreditation by APWA (American Public Works Association)

  • Develop the timeline for achieving accreditation by 2026.

Asset Management Software

  • Implement an enterprise asset management system.

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