Council Operating Revenue and Expenses


It is Council’s responsibility to provide the community with a diverse range of services. These include everything from road construction and maintenance to the operation of libraries; treatment of water and sewerage to town and environmental planning. These services are funded, in large part by the collection of rates and other charges.

Services are provided in-line with Council’s priorities which are set out in the Operational Plan which you can view here

You can also view Council’s full list of Fees and Charges for 2022/23 here

The Gympie Regional Council Transparency Hub allows us to keep our rate payers and the community informed by presenting the actual operating financial results from Gympie Regional Council.

Displayed below, is Council's Operating Revenue and Expenses 2021-2022 year-to-date (YTD).

Operating Revenue and Expenses graphical information is also available below, for the 2020-2021 and 2019-2020 Financial Years.

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An image of Gympie Town Hall.

Council Operating Revenue

Gympie Regional Council’s revenue stream consists of a combination of sources, such as:

• Rates, Levies & Charges

• Discounts and Remissions

• Fees & Charges

• Rental Income

• Interest & Investment Revenue

• Sales Revenue

• Other income

• Grants, Subs, Contributions & Donations

Council Operating Expenses

There are multiple expenses incurred by Gympie Regional Council in its operations, which are detailed under the following categories:

• Employee Costs

• Materials & Services

• Finance Costs

• Depreciation Amortisation & Impairment

Every effort is made to provide information that is accurate. However, data may be subject to change.