Chairman's Message

Glynn County is truly an exceptional place to call home, and I consider myself fortunate to both live and work here. This is the community in which I have chosen to raise my family, build my business, and attend church. I consider it my forever home. My commitment to Glynn County is driven by a desire to contribute to its continuous improvement.

Collaborating with my fellow commissioners, we have a shared vision to continue to improve Glynn County for present and future generations. Our goal is to create a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. We seek to foster strong economic growth, expand the tax base, and alleviate individual tax burdens. We know the importance of having a strategy for accomplishing this endeavor, and together we formulated our ideas and goals into this Strategic Plan.

Thomas "Wayne" Neal

Chairman, Glynn County Board of Commissioners

Glynn County has committed to conducting quarterly Execution Reviews (QER) to allow each department to enhance transparency, reporting, and review processes within departments and leadership. This practice is strategically crafted to optimize organizational efficiency.

The Strategic Plan QER Presentations will be held in February and August. SPLOST 2022 QER sessions are scheduled for May and November.

Each QER will be live-streamed on the Glynn County YouTube channel, ensuring accessibility for the public. Timely public notices will be posted, welcoming all interested individuals to attend these informative sessions.