Climate Action Plan "2.0"

Becoming a Carbon Neutral City

Introduction to Climate Action Plan "2.0"

In February 2019, the Fremont City Council adopted a resolution for Fremont to become a carbon neutral city no later than 2045. This means that by 2045, the Fremont community will no longer produce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which will result in a zero carbon footprint.

To reach this goal, the City is currently working to update its Climate Action Plan adopted in 2012. The update, or "CAP 2.0," will identify municipal and community-wide implementation measures for the next 5 to 10 year period that will achieve deep GHG emissions reductions, aligning with an interim reduction target of 55% by 2030.

Fremont's First Climate Action Plan

The City of Fremont passed its first Climate Action Plan (CAP) in 2012 with the goal of reducing municipal and community-wide greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 from a 2005 baseline level. Some implementation successes include improving bike and pedestrian infrastructure, upgrading City streetlights with high-efficiency LEDs, requiring all businesses to recycle, and establishing mandatory solar requirements for new residential construction.

By 2015, Fremont had already reduced annual community-wide emissions by over 10% from its 2005 baseline - even with a 7.5% population increase during the same period. Furthermore, recent technological advancements paired with favorable codes, ordinances, and incentive programs have helped to keep Fremont on track toward achieving its 2020 GHG emissions reduction goal. For example, almost 10% of vehicles registered in Fremont are now either plug-in hybrid electric or fully battery electric, and more than 4,300 home and business owners have already installed solar on their roofs. In addition, in 2016, the City joined East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), a community choice energy provider offering residential and commercial customers 85% GHG-free clean electricity. You can learn more on the City website and at the Fremont Green Challenge climate action platform.

Climate Action Plan Update

With 2020 fast approaching, the City's new carbon neutrality goal will be the basis of the Climate Action Plan update, or "CAP 2.0," setting Fremont on the pathway to a sustainable, vibrant, and healthy community that supports the environment.

Within "CAP 2.0," efforts to mitigate GHG emissions resulting from activity in the energy, water, waste, and transportation sectors will be paired with efforts to sequester - or draw down - carbon dioxide and other GHGs from the atmosphere, so that by the year 2045, no new net GHGs will be emitted. Furthermore, the City will explore efforts to enhance the community’s resiliency to future climatic changes as well as to adapt to changes that are already underway. Over the next several months, the City will be conducting public outreach to better understand community interests in actions that support climate mitigation, sequestration, adaptation, and resiliency.

Climate Action Plan Survey

The City is inviting the community to complete the survey below. The responses will help the City prioritize both municipal-level and community-wide actions that will guide Fremont in supporting a healthy, equitable, resilient, and sustainable post-carbon future.

Thank you for taking the time to participate!

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