EMS Emergency Medical Services


The Fredericksburg Fire EMS Department is a dedicated and committed organization serving our customers through the core values of Customer Service, Leadership, Integrity, and Community. The Fire EMS Department’s mission is to serve and provide the community with the highest quality of customer service. The department responds to EMS calls and transfers, motor vehicle accidents, swift water rescues, Enchanted Rock rescues, wildland fires, and structure fires. They stand ready to help anyone who calls day, night, holidays or weekends. Fredericksburg Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramedics take pride and ownership in the community and spend countless hours training, responding to calls, and promoting emergency services safety. We serve with a sense of warmth, pride, friendliness, and passion for the community.

The Fredericksburg Fire EMS Department consists of the following functional areas, Fire Operations, Volunteer Fire Department, EMS, Fire Marshall, and Emergency Management. The Fredericksburg Fire EMS Team responded to 4,132 calls. Those calls included responses to medical calls, trauma calls, structure fires, vehicle collisions with injuries, Enchanted Rock rescues, lift assists, transfers, vehicle pedestrian accidents, medical emergencies, smoke alarm activations, and other miscellaneous calls. The Fredericksburg Fire EMS system is staffed with nine on-duty personnel daily, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to the on-duty staff, we have 32 volunteer personnel and 15 part-time personnel. The backbone of the department is the Volunteers who respond alongside our on-duty staff. The department provides assistance in the form of mutual aid to all five neighboring County fire departments and they in turn provide assistance to Fredericksburg. The Emergency Medical service provides response to the entire county with assistance from first responders in each county fire department and Harper EMS.

Fredericksburg Fire EMS operates out of three fire stations. The Central Station is located at 124 West Main Street, the South Station is located at 221 Friendship Lane, and the North Station located at 99 Frederick Lane. The Central Station houses two Engines, two State Licensed Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances, one Ladder Truck, three Brush Trucks, one Tender, and three Rescue Trucks. The South Station houses three State Licensed Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances, one Engine, one Brush truck, and one Tender. The North Station currently serves as a location for reserve equipment. Additional support equipment includes Command 1, Command 2, Fire Marshal, Emergency Management and ATV rescue vehicles, and Air supply and HazMat trailers.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide the highest level of customer service in a safe and efficient manner
  • Provide quality training for fire, emergency medical operations, and emergency management in a safe environment
  • Strive to maintain or improve our Insurance Services Office (ISO rating)
  • Maintain and create partnerships and relationships within the community
  • Provide quality fire prevention, inspections, and emergency services education to our community
  • Strive to maintain or improve membership in the Fredericksburg Fire EMS Department
  • Providing a standard of care that is consistent with the rules and regulations set forth to emergency providers by the Texas Department of Health Services
  • Provide our Firefighters Emergency Medical Team members a means to maintain continuing education requirements and educate them in emergency medical care standards practice
  • Update our Fire Codes

In order to this goal, we will

  • Provide quality customer service by evaluating our daily operations and responses looking for ways to improve
  • Utilize internal and external resources for emergency service training
  • Evaluate ISO guidelines as a benchmark to improved services
  • Work as a team, with committee and personnel, to improve our Fire EMS service to our community
  • Provide fire prevention programs to all schools in our area and community
  • Perform yearly inspections and evaluate construction plans for fire and life safety code compliance
  • Evaluate ways to recruit additional volunteers
  • Maintain a quality assurance program to ensure the highest quality of customer service and that the highest customer satisfaction is received by every customer
  • Provide a high quality, in-house Continuing Education program to enhance employee education and maintain the highest medical care standards

What we accomplished in 2022-2023

  • Maintain our Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification of 2
  • Trained Fire, EMS, and Volunteer personnel to State Certification minimum standards for Fire, EMS State certification
  • Recruited and added additional part time and volunteer personnel
  • Operated out of two (2) Fire EMS stations with fire apparatus and ambulances in both stations
  • Fire EMS response Districts include three Districts in the City/County area served
  • Continue working on a third Fire/EMS station in the East District of the City/County
  • Took delivery on a new ambulance
  • Completed installation and operations of a new radio system throughout the County
  • Provided some continuing education for our full-time, part-time, volunteers, and County Fire Department personnel to maintain their Fire and EMS certifications
  • Maintained a strong presence with STRAC (South Texas Regional Advisory Council) with Assistant Chief Jung being on the Executive Board
  • Provided First Aid, CPR and Stop the Bleed certification to our community
  • Delivered quality fire prevention programs to all Fredericksburg Independent School District (FISD) schools and our community
  • Cross trained personnel in Fire and EMS certifications
  • Conducted Fire Code inspections
  • Conducted Fire Code/Safety Related Plan Reviews
  • Conducted Fire Extinguisher training when requested by our community businesses, schools, and civic organizations
  • Provided online virtual training for EMS and Fire personnel to maintain State licensure requirements

What we plan to accomplish in 2023-2024

  • Provide online virtual training for EMS and Fire personnel to maintain State licensure requirements
  • Maintain our ISO classification rating of a Class 2 city
  • Conduct Fire Code inspections
  • Conduct Fire Code/Safety Related Plan Reviews
  • Conduct Fire Extinguisher training when requested by our community businesses, schools, and civic organizations
  • Conduct Fire Prevention awareness training at 2 FISD Campuses, Heritage Middle School, and seven preschool/daycare facilities, and develop on-line methods of conducting training during the COVID-19 environment
  • Add additional part-time and volunteer personnel to help with response times and fourth out ambulance calls
  • Provide training in-house as well as using outside instructors for specialized training
  • Participate in County wide emergency management exercises
  • Order Two Remounts Ambulance for delivery in 2024
  • Evaluate our current fire apparatus and recommend purchase of replacement equipment
  • Continue evaluation of a new East Fire Station location and recommend a site for approval
  • Contract for the design of the East Fire Station.
  • Provide office space at the North Fire Station for new TDEM Emergency Management County Liaison Officer
  • Add additional full time personnel for multiple calls during same time frame and increased call volume

EMS Department Staffing [employee headcount by job title]

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Department Organizational Chart