City of Fredericksburg

Fund Balance Details and Variance Notes for +/- 10%


General Fund personnel expenses increased due to step plan implementation for first responders and the addition of new personnel. Maintenance and Operations expenses increased as a result of new equipment purchases.


Water Utility revenue decrease for FY 2024 due to stage 4 water restrictions. Prior year Water & Sewer Impact Fees balance used to fund selected Water capital projects.


Debt Requirement increased $244,924 due to new equipment (lease/purchase) financing. Revenue fee schedules will be reviewed prior to FY 2025 for possible rate increases.

Storm Water/Vegetation Management:

Maintenance and Operations increase due to an increase in drainage projects for FY 2024 and new equipment purchases. Personnel expense increase due to adding two new employees.

Animal Shelter:

Animal Shelter budget includes a new temporary animal shelter that will be funded with prior years donation.