Development Services Department


The Development Services Department consists of four divisions, including Planning and Development, Building, Historic Preservation, and Short Term Rentals. Department staff consists of the Director of Development Services, Historic Preservation Officer, Development Coordinator, Building Official, Building Inspector and Civil Code Enforcement Officer. The department serves a variety of customers, including builders, developers, contractors, visitors, property owners, Short Term Rental (STR) owners, citizens, and other City staff.

Planning and Development Division

The Planning and Development division is responsible for the implementation of the City’s zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance, and other development related ordinances as they pertain to the City’s growth and development. The function of the division includes review and approval of a variety of development related plans and ensuring compliance with City ordinances, regulations, and codes. The division’s responsibilities include providing public information to applicants and the evaluation of applications for land subdivision, site development, variances, easements, zoning and more. The division also makes recommendations regarding applications to the appropriate Board or Commission and the City Council.

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for guiding the City’s long-range planning efforts and the implementation of the City’s comprehensive plan for future growth and development. This division also provides census and demographic information, in addition to growth and development information to the community for projecting population, building, and development trends and impacts. The comprehensive plan establishes guidelines for growth, future land use, transportation, and parks and recreation needs.

Historic Preservation Division

The Historic Preservation Division is responsible for the implementation of the Historic Preservation Ordinance as it pertains to historic districts and individual landmarks. The function of the division includes the review and approval of Certificates of Appropriateness which are required for all exterior work of designated historic properties. The division also makes recommendations to the Historic Review Board and City Council.

Building Division

The purpose of the building division is to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare through compliance with the adopted building codes, to minimize the hazards affiliated with the build environment, and to ensure that a site and/or building is constructed to minimum code standards. This includes a timely plan review and inspection process, as well as maintaining accurate records of all construction activity. In addition, permitting and inspections are provided for STR’s.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide comprehensive solution-oriented code enforcement with a fair and positive attitude
  • Always strive to make the community as clean and safe as possible
  • Provide efficient, timely, accurate, respectful, and professional experience for builders, contractors, developers, citizens, or other individuals seeking permits and building within the community
  • Ensure that the public health, safety, and general welfare is always the highest priority used by staff
  • Update and adopt a new Comprehensive Plan for the City and to utilize the goals and objectives of that plan to evaluate planning, development, and zoning proposals
  • Provide professional guidance to the development community, citizens and City-appointed Boards and Commissions

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Continue to support, facilitate, and provide plan review and inspection services
  • Implement new software for permitting, review, and approvals for building and trade permits
  • Implement new software for permitting, inspections, and tracking of developments and Short-Term Rentals within the City
  • Provide education for citizens of the community regarding matters such as water conservation, recycling, and property maintenance
  • Provide the highest quality customer service to the development community and citizens
  • Ensure fairness and consistency in interpreting rules and regulations
  • Provide the best staff support for the implementation of the Historic Preservation Ordinance

What we accomplished in 2022-2023

  • Worked with Mayor appointed STR Task Force to create a new STR Ordinance that will be adopted in FY 2023-2024
  • Created new STR mapping system
  • Transitioned Code Enforcement to Police Department
  • Provided professional staff support to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Historic Review Board and Board of Adjustment
  • Landmarked second mid-century building
  • Supported, facilitated, and provided inspection services for a variety of commercial and residential projects
  • Provided plan reviews for numerous commercial and residential projects
  • Continued working with My Government Online for building permitting process and to create a new STR on-line permitting process anticipated to go live in January 2024
  • Provided weekly reports on permits and inspections
  • Provided weekly reports on Code Enforcement activity and began implementing Civil Administrative Hearing process to relieve Municipal Court case backlog
  • Provide daily support to a variety of very high-volume inquiries submitted to the department
  • Digitized all approved plats
  • Worked on Comprehensive Plan and Parks with Halff & Associates to complete a new Comprehensive Plan that will include a Parks Masterplan (to be completed 2023)
  • Provided $30,000 in Historic Preservation Grants to home owners
  • Hired STR specialist and worked through the backlog of permits created in 2022
  • Evaluated all development fees for budget consideration

What we plan to accomplish in 2023-2024

  • Adopt Comprehensive Plan and begin implementation
  • Support the effort to attract and retain affordable housing
  • Implement and provide updates to a variety of development ordinances
  • Provide the highest quality service to the Boards, Commissions and Council
  • Provide the highest quality support to the Development Review Process
  • Complete implementation of My Government Online system for all development related functions
  • Streamline the STR process and update STR to address issues that may arise
  • Adopt new development fees
  • Update existing applications and documents to help streamline the permitting process
  • Identify and engage with 3rd party plan reviewers for commercial and large residential projects
  • Fill open Senior Planner/Historic Preservation Officer position

Development Services Performance Measures

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