Drainage/Vegetation Management Fund


The Drainage Department is staffed with five employees. The department is located at the consolidated warehouse on Friendship Lane. The department officially began operations on July 15, 2019.

Goals and Objectives

  • Protect our community and environment from the potential impacts of storm water runoff, such as flooding, erosion, damage to aquatic habitat and pollution of streams and rivers
  • Protect the citizenry from loss of life and property damage caused by water stagnation within the boundaries of the service
  • Maintain and improve existing water drainage facilities belonging to the City of Fredericksburg
  • Maintain City owned drainage channels and right of ways
  • Clear brush and invasive vegetation
  • Keep streets and storm sewer systems clear of debris
  • Improve drainage infrastructure to minimize flooding
  • Trim trees from powerlines, alleyways and roadways allowing for better vision and less power outages
  • Reduce redundant operations/equipment purchases
  • Provide a dedicated crew to improve drainage infrastructure and waterway maintenance
  • Ensure the City remains in compliance with applicable TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) storm water regulations

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Work closely with other departments to determine needs and areas of concern
  • Attend training and safety classes to better improve productivity and safety while on the job

Primary responsibilities will include

  • Mowing/clearing of City-maintained drainage channels and right of ways
  • Gutter, inlet, and creek debris cleanout
  • Invasive brush removal
  • Infrastructure improvements to prevent or minimize flooding
  • Pollution prevention
  • Other drainage and water quality-oriented services
  • Tree trimming and right of way clearing of power lines, City streets, intersections, and alleyways
  • The clearing/removing trees and debris from creeks, the crossings and drainage areas

What we accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Hired a 5th crew member to help with production and allow for separate crew operations
  • Developed annual maintenance schedule for tree trimming, mowing and drainage improvements
  • Acquired two pesticide applicator licenses
  • Trimmed and removed trees and brush from approximately 25 lane miles of powerlines, alleyways, and roadways
  • Cleared out a portion of Town Creek allowing for better drainage and less debris
  • Cleared creek area and power line right of way for future S. Llano St. shared-use bridge on Barons creek
  • Trimmed trees/brush along roadways for better visibility at intersections and of street signs
  • Trimmed trees/ brush in alleyways for clearance of trash truck and other city vehicles
  • Trimmed trees/brush out of right of ways and power lines for less outages and easier maintenance
  • Completed drainage improvements in alleys throughout the City
  • Cleared debris from drainage channels and crossings
  • Mowed approximately 10 lane miles of right of ways, retention ponds and other city owned properties
  • Assisted Street Department with construction of storm drainage systems at the end of Beverly Drive and on Industrial Loop
  • Hauled 150 tons of chippings and 25 tons of brush and debris to landfill
  • Completed approximately 150 service orders

What we plan to accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Expand focus on tree trimming in and around powerlines
  • Clear city owned areas along Town Creek and Barons Creek for possible future walking/ hiking trails and picnic areas
  • Coordinate large-scale erosion repair and prevention projects
  • Plan for high priority drainage projects, included in the city’s drainage master plan
  • Coordinate with other departments to take over stormwater/vegetation-related maintenance duties
  • Provide regular updates to City Council on effectiveness of department
  • Attend additional training classes
  • Obtain private applicators and arborist certifications

Drainage/Vegetation Department Performance Measures

Drainage/Vegetation Department Staffing [employee headcount by job title]

Drainage/Vegetation Department Organizational Chart