Police Department

Mission Statement

Improving life within our community, through our commitment to community policing by providing ethical police services to all.


The Fredericksburg Police Department (FPD) is an accredited law enforcement agency that is responsible for protecting the citizens and visitors of the City of Fredericksburg by faithfully enforcing the laws of the State of Texas and the City of Fredericksburg while protecting the core values and heritage that makes Fredericksburg unique.

Goals and Objectives

  • To continue to provide the best possible service and protection to the community
  • To maintain our unique bond and trust with the community and its citizens
  • To determine new procedures to help reduce crime and improve traffic safety in Fredericksburg
  • To work to fulfil the department mission statement and embody the department vision statement while upholding our core values in everything we do
  • To recruit and hire the most qualified applicants with values that support the goals and mission of the police department and city
  • To maintain the department’s accreditation process to ensure the police department is employing the best practices of law enforcement
  • To continue to develop and train our staff so they may understand and adhere to the best practices of law enforcement while providing the best police service possible
  • To promote five officers to Corporal and have one Corporal on each patrol shift
  • To better utilize social media to inform the community of crime and major accidents, as well as introduce officers and announce employee recognitions
  • To continue to bolster morale and emphasize employee wellness and quality of life
  • To continue to emphasize the importance of professional development of officers

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Continue to be involved in community events, activities, and programs throughout the year
  • Maintain a policy of accountability and transparency in our daily operations, by applying the principles of community policing in our organization
  • Emphasize our mission statement, vision statement, and core values and expect officers to not only know them, but also actively work to achieve them
  • Continue to train our officers and maintain a level of professionalism and proficiency that is needed for the security of our citizens
  • Sponsor programs and events that link us to the citizens, such as our Citizen’s Police Academy, Summer Youth Program, No Shave November, and Blue Santa Program
  • Develop and train our officers by sending them to leadership and other professional development courses
  • Recruit and hire, by continuing to utilize multiple platforms to advertise our department, and select only officers who demonstrate an attitude, ethical disposition and values that are consistent with the department
  • Maintain the department’s accredited status by continuing to adhere to the best practices of law enforcement and by continuing to make the accreditation process a daily activity within the department
  • Continue to develop and train staff by utilizing our training budget efficiently and by reviewing, updating, and utilizing development plans established for each staff member
  • Develop a plan for assessment of officers for Corporals and hold testing once staffing levels permit
  • Use social media actively to promote the department and inform the public
  • Be proactive in meeting the needs of our citizens, through increased advances in technology

What we accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Maintained a proactive Police Department through our vigilant efforts to create a safe environment in our city for our citizens and visitors
  • Recruited and hired multiple officers to fill several vacancies to include a new Evidence Technician and Animal Control Officer
  • Received over 215 pounds of prescriptions drugs through the Police Department’s Drug Take Back Program, aimed at reducing prescription drug abuse
  • Participated in many community outreach programs to include: a citizen police academy, a Summer Youth Program with over 100 participants, a Blue Santa program for the community where the Police Department provided a Christmas meal for many deserving families in the community
  • Wrote grants with one grant funding one new officer’s salary for a full year
  • Completed the process of selecting an architectural firm, identifying space needs, and completing conceptual designs for a new Police Department, Municipal Court, and Police Warehouse
  • Completed the process of converting data from our obsolete Records Management System into the new system
  • Passed TCOLE (The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) audit and outside audit of Property Room
  • Recognized employees at City Council and on social media

What we plan to accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Grow as a department to better support the needs of the community through excellent police service, with qualified and motivated employees who support the goals of the citizens of Fredericksburg
  • Implement a new Police Records Management System to keep up with the latest technology and growing police demands as well as fully digitize archived records
  • Implement two new software systems to improve investigation of crimes and promote safety of the community as well as another to digitize administrative processes within the police department and to promote feedback from the community regarding services provided by the police department
  • Create and fill Corporal positions on each patrol shift
  • Fill open police officer positions with qualified and tenured applicants
  • Maintain accreditation with the Texas Police Chief’s Association, Best Practices Program
  • Gain approval from City Council to take construction of a new criminal justice center to bond election

Police Department Employee Recognition

  • The Police Department received approximately 47 documented complements and commendations from the public over the past year
  • 15 Employee Recognitions at City Council

Police Department Performance Measures

Police Department Staffing [employee headcount by job title]

Police Department Organizational Chart