City of Fredericksburg

City Profile - Public Safety

Public Safety

It is the mission of the Fredericksburg Police Department and its employees to create a safe and hospitable working environment wherein employees can pursue the goals of reducing crime and the fear thereof, as well as improving the quality of life within the community, through solution and community oriented policing techniques. These techniques comply with state and United States constitutional and statutory requirements. The chief of police leads a police force of three lieutenants, seven sergeants, five corporals, 15 patrol officers, three detectives, three school resource officers, one evidence technician, three animal control officers, and three code enforcement officers, as well as three administrative assistants and several volunteers in police support. A community outreach liaison was approved for FY 2024.

The Fire EMS Department employs a full-time fire chief, a fire marshal, four full time lieutenants, and 32 volunteer firefighters. The Fire Department also provides emergency medical services through three teams of EMS and paramedics.

The Office of Emergency Management authors and maintains a comprehensive emergency management program including pre- and post-disaster mitigation of known hazards to reduce their impact; preparedness activities, such as emergency planning, training, and exercises; provisions for effective response to emergency situations; and recovery programs for major disasters.