Information Technology (IT) Department


The Information Technology Department (IT) is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and secure technology solutions that are aligned with the City of Fredericksburg’s goals and objectives to enhance City services.

Project Management

  • New equipment installs
  • Data Center Operations
  • Network Operations

Network Security



Fiber Optics

Wireless Networks

Local and Wide Area Wired Networks

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Network

  • Radio Communication Services
  • Conduct State of Texas mandatory Security Awareness Training
  • Other shared technology initiatives with other local public entities

Help Desk/End User Support

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Mobile devices
  • Printer maintenance
  • Internet/Intranet
  • Email
  • Business Information Systems
  • Geographic Information System
  • Other software support
  • Video surveillance support

Goals and Objectives

The IT Department is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and secure technology solutions that are aligned with City of Fredericksburg’s goals and objectives to enhance City services.

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Collaborate with other departments to maintain the systems and services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Drive forward initiatives that enable the shared goals of the City Council, City Manager, and the public
  • Work in an innovative digital environment to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancies, improve transparency, and reduce costs

What we accomplished in 2021-2022

Police Department

  • WatchGuard Video System upgrade to 4.4
  • Moved all cloud data to on premises
  • Installed new site at substation to off-load video
  • New World Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Records Management System (RMS)
  • Upgraded Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to newest version
  • Completed implementation and migration from Odyssey to New World RMS
  • Completed Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Level 4 CJIS Security Training and Certification
  • Upgraded all Police Department new patrol vehicles in-car Cradlepoint routers
  • Added District Attorney to Police Department network to access RMS and video content
  • Upgraded evidence room to new computer systems and equipment


  • Replaced all desktop computers at Central and South station
  • Installed audio and video equipment for the training room
  • Processed testing of new mobile data units
  • Added new drops and workstations to south station


  • Added new Virtual Private Network (VPN) access (any connect)
  • Extended layer 3 network to Health Department
  • Increased Internet Protocol scheme for Netmotion access for Police Department, Fire/EMS
  • Created new backhaul to the Golf Course


  • Created new Geographic Information System (GIS) cluster
  • Upgraded Netmotion to version 12
  • New Fuel Master server and upgrade
  • Upgraded MobileIron to a new version and added server high availability
  • Reconfigured file server scheme and added distributed file server system to file servers
  • Upgraded VMware vCenter Server and vSphere
  • Added Granular department groups within the Police Department to active directory to manage data file system


  • Added new wireless access points to area for improved coverage and bandwidth at Marktplatz
  • Added wireless to Vereins Kirche
  • Phased out OutDoor 2 pro’s and upgraded to WIFI 6 standards

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Implemented 5 new SCADA sites at Boot Ranch
  • Added Lift Station communication to Freidan
  • Added Lift Station communication for Mariposa


  • Cybersecurity training with Trellix equipment
  • Implemented and configured new NX Cybersecurity Appliance
  • Continued installation of new end point solution for all City department’s computers
  • Continued end user training to mitigate vulnerabilities


  • Provided and administered courses to complete the mandatory State of Texas Security Awareness Training
  • Deployed iPads and Cradlepoints, along with the Crew Force application in fire trucks and ambulances
  • Added mobile devices to the MobileIron mobile device management system
  • Developed records management software with artificial intelligence and optical character recognition capabilities
  • Added VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems to the Golf Course
  • Installed and configured the new Golf Course server
  • Deployed surveillance cameras at various city sites
  • Upgraded systems at Municipal Court
  • Upgraded Avaya VoIP OS
  • Replicated counsel streaming data for offsite location
  • Moved Convention and Visitor’s Bureau file server to the Data Center
  • Added phone VoIP servers to the Golf Course
  • Added smart lighting to Old Fair Park
  • Added Geographic Information System Azure Active Directory integration
  • Started the Fiber Project
  • Distributed Remarkable tablets for paperless note taking
  • Upgraded Code Cop and Short-Term Rental program
  • Issued iPads to City council members

What we plan to accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Continue Fiber Project build out and move forward with open access network
  • Hire new Network Administrator
  • Continue to deploy improved communications to all Wastewater lift stations.
  • Enhance audio/visual capability in Council meeting room
  • Deploy 22 miles of Fiber for the new broad band project
  • Upgrade surveillance cameras throughout City facilities
  • Implement additional cybersecurity threat mitigation strategies
  • Implement New VoIP systems across all City campuses
  • Watchguard 5.0 upgrade
  • Accounts Payable software deployment
  • Opengov Budget Book software deployment
  • NeoGov software deployment
  • Agenda software deployment
  • Replace storage area network in the data center
  • Manage and organize cabling in Data center
  • Deploy My Permit Now for Development Service Department
  • Move all employees to Multi-Factor Authentication