City Secretary's Office


The City Secretary is an officer of the City, appointed by the City Manager. The position of City Secretary is a statutory position required by State Law and the City Charter. There are many jobs that the City Secretary’s Office performs, but there are specific functions of the City which various statues, ordinance and or charter provision require to be performed by the City Secretary. The City Secretary Department is at the forefront of the legislative and administrative processes within the City. The City Secretary Department is to support, facilitate, and strengthen the City of Fredericksburg governmental process by assisting the City Manager and City Council to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, as well as work as a team with all city departments.

The City Secretary’s Office strives to improve public access to municipal records and other information, enhancing public participation in municipal government processes, safeguarding, and enriching the municipal election and records management processes, providing continuity for Fredericksburg city government by recording its legislative actions, serving as historian for the City of Fredericksburg and the coordinator of the Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Funding recipient program. The City Secretary is responsible for the administration of the elections for Fredericksburg, which are provided in the City Charter and Election Code. The City Charter also provides that the City Secretary is the custodian of City Records which is performed through the City’s Records Management Program. The Department has three employees who work to meet its goals through the City’s Mission Statement and Core Values.

Goals and Objectives

  • Administer election(s) ordered by the City Council following Federal, State, and local laws with the upmost transparency and accountability
  • Provide prompt processing of official documents
  • Provide prompt preparation of Council and several Commission/Committee agendas, minutes, and packets
  • Monitor and make changes according to new legislation
  • Ensure efficient, timely posting and publication of public notices, legal notices, and agendas
  • Assist City Manager with the accomplishment of his goals and duties
  • Provide daily assistance to all departments of the City of Fredericksburg government
  • Serve as custodian of the corporate seal and attest the signature on all official documents
  • Provide prompt service for specific permits and licenses for various operations within the, including TABC licenses, noise ordinance waivers, and garbage hauling permits
  • Provide excellent customer service for every customer who needs assistance
  • Serve as Notaries
  • Maintain the City Code to ensure that Ordinances are sent for codification after every meeting and that departments and residents have access to updated versions of the City Code
  • Make the City of Fredericksburg City Secretary’s Office Exemplary and well recognized throughout the Municipal Clerks Association, Texas Library of Archives, and Secretary of State’s Office
  • Maintain and continue vital education in all aspects of the job, department, as well as maintain certifications

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Serve on Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces
  • Oversee development and provide an efficient Records Management Program for the city following Texas State Library and Archive Commission
  • Renew and maintain all certifications as required

What we accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Processed Agendas and packets (City Council, Market Square Redevelopment Commission, and 175th Anniversary Planning Committee)
  • Continued to process a successful Banner Program
  • Revitalized the Boards and Commission term tracking, application, and appointments process
  • Prepared and processed Agenda and Minutes for the 175th Planning Anniversary Committee and Market Square Redevelopment Committee
  • Maintained an electronic index and electronic copy of Ordinances and Minutes since 2018
  • Maintained the City Council Future Agenda Items
  • Index and codify all City Ordinances
  • Prepared and processed all City Council Minutes
  • City Council Support program was developed
  • Created a Proclamation process
  • Prepared and processed all Department Head Minutes
  • Prepared City Manager Coffees notes
  • Assisted with the organization of Employee Recognitions
  • Assisted with organizing TML/TCMA event
  • Revitalized the current process of maintain contracts, easements, and deeds, to provide all Departments access to these records
  • Provided Election Orientation/101, Election Poll Workers and Early Voting Ballot Board with training and a handbook
  • Purchased the required machine that assist voters with hearing and vision
  • Administer Election(s) ordered by the City Council following Federal, State, and local laws
  • Inform voters with educational information regarding Ballot by Mail, ballots and voting locations
  • Functioned as the City Election Administrator for the May Election and held the election with integrity and confidence
  • Created a Signature Verification Committee and developed a process to be used to correct the Carrier Envelop so those votes can be considered
  • Attended several training sessions to remain current on laws, rules, regulations, best practices, and the latest technology
  • Served as President for the Texas Municipal Clerks Hill Country Chapter
  • Presented training for Texas Municipal Clerk Certification Program on Records Management
  • Served on the TMCA Election Law Seminar Committee
  • Assisted with writing a Chapter in the Texas Municipal Clerk Handbook
  • Completed a complete revitalization on the pavers on Market Square by recording all current pavers and open areas for future paver placement
  • Assisted the City Attorney with the contract process for Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Fund recipients. Tracked all recipients’ required reports
  • Maintained the City-wide Open Records Request Policy
  • Serves as the administrator of the City’s Public Information
  • Conduct Annual Audit and Destruction of Records following Local Government Retention Schedules
  • Arranged for a Records Management Class for several City employees
  • Redeveloped a City-wide Records Management Program
  • Implemented new policies and procedures for better efficiencies
  • Implemented several changes made by the Texas Legislation regarding records management
  • Redeveloped a campaign to encourage paperless records
  • Revitalized the TABC City permits process
  • Continued to improve the requirements for the required City Secretary’s signature on new and renewal applications
  • Maintained and updated the City Secretary website
  • Met the required deadlines for the new Legislative changes
  • Receive International Institute of Municipal Clerks – Certified Municipal Clerk Certification
  • The Office was awarded the Texas Municipal Clerks Excellence Awards which was developed in 2020. The Office has received this award in 2020-2022 and 2022-2023.

What we plan to accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Continue to strive to improve on all the areas listed above
  • Implement the new CivicPlus Program (Agenda Management)
  • To create better efficiencies in City Council and Boards and Commission Agendas and Minutes
  • Livestreaming and time stamping for City Council and Boards and Commission Meetings
  • Assist with the Boards and Commission term tracking and application forms
  • Work with the Police Department to find an Open Records Program that would be more efficient to the City
  • Implement the new Board and Commission form and application drive
  • Continue to encourage paperless records and to identify all location of City records
  • Work to find a new secured location for storage of City records and finalize the cleanup to move only records that follow the program
  • Continue to improve on citizen communication
  • Reorganize the City Secretary’s Department to be a more productive and higher-level department
  • Continue to assist the City Council and City Manager to implement new programs
  • Assist with the development of the Civil Prosecution program and accept the Orders
  • Receive International Institute of Municipal Clerks – Master Municipal Clerk Certification
  • Instructor at the TMCCP (Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program) – Election Law

Secretary Office Performance Measures

Election Performance Measures