Street Department


The Street Department consists of 14 employees. Three of these employees are mechanics involved in the maintenance of the City's rolling fleet of automobiles, trucks, tractors, mowers, emergency vehicles, and heavy equipment. The maintenance facility is located at the Consolidated Warehouse on Friendship Lane. The rest of the department maintains approximately 100 lane miles of streets throughout Fredericksburg.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide safe and comfortable travel on City streets and alleyways
  • Assist all other departments by providing equipment & manpower where needed
  • Repave 10% of street surfaces annually
  • Install & maintain all street name signs, warning signs, and informational signs on non-Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) maintained roadways within the City limits

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Continue to monitor the streets and roadways
  • Evaluate paving project areas requiring attention from Engineering personnel, beginning a year before project start date
  • Address tree trimming, base failures, and drainage issues in selected blocks
  • Excavate failed areas and patch (level up) to achieve proper drainage and ride quality
  • Remove excess gravel and reapply appropriate striping & pavement markers
  • Mow and perform weed control with Storm Water/Vegetation Management department, along roadways, alleyways, waterways, fields, and detention ponds
  • Collect and transport leaves during Spring & Fall Leaf Collection program
  • Monitor street signage and replace as required by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards

What we accomplished in 2022-2023

  • Prepped and seal coated approximately 164,294 square yards of paved surfaces
  • Used the Work Order Management System (WOMS) to track all City fleet repair costs performed at the repair facility
  • Provided traffic control for large special events and major traffic accidents
  • Mobilized portable message boards (PMBs) during periods of heavy traffic
  • Repaired residential and utility alleyways using repurposed materials from the Friendship Lane Mill & Overlay Project
  • Cleared and hauled storm debris after winter & spring storms
  • Repaired numerous utility patches throughout the City
  • Managed and installed traffic control for all parades
  • Repainted curbs and pavement markings throughout the City
  • Assisted Water Department to repair drainage pipe on Lincoln Street
  • Completed two rounds of quarterly street sweeping of entire City streets
  • Continued traffic sign replacement and upgrades
  • Prepped and paved roadway to Boerner Wells
  • Prepped and paved roadway to Knuath Wells
  • Implemented on-call system to provide better response to emergencies
  • Maintained roadways during icy weather conditions
  • Prepped Turner Hall parking lot for paving
  • Implemented a TxDOT approved traffic control plan for all parades

What we plan to accomplish in 2023-2024

  • Prepare and sealcoat 10% of all street surfaces for the paving program
  • Cross train employees in every function of the department
  • Crack-seal and patch areas of concern on City streets
  • Re-stripe roadways and curb lines
  • Install & replace street signs and traffic control devices
  • Provide traffic control for parades, special events, and large traffic accidents
  • Improve storm water and vegetation management services by coordinating with Storm Water/Vegetation Management Program
  • Assist Storm Water/Vegetation Management Program with drainage improvement projects
  • Improve safety and drivability on city streets
  • Keep up to date with the MUTCD changes
  • Assist other departments as needed

Street Department Performance Measures

Street Department Staffing [employee headcount by job title]

Street Department Organizational Chart