Information Technology (IT) Department


Commitment to Excellence:

The Information Technology Department (IT) of Fredericksburg is dedicated to delivering innovative, reliable, and secure technology solutions. These solutions are meticulously aligned with the city's strategic goals and objectives, aiming to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of City services.

Core Areas of Operation:

1. Project Management:

• Implementation of new equipment installations.

• Comprehensive management of Data Center Operations.

• Advanced Network Operations, encompassing:

• Robust Network Security.

• Integrated Voice and Data services.

• Extensive Fiber Optics network.

• Efficient Wireless and Wired Local and Wide Area Networks.

• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Network Management.

• Provision of Radio Communication Services.

• Execution of mandatory Security Awareness Training as per State of Texas requirements.

• Participation in shared technology initiatives with local public entities.

2. Help Desk and End User Support:

• Support for Desktop and Laptop systems.

• Management of Mobile devices.

• Printer maintenance services.

• Internet and Intranet troubleshooting.

• Email support and management.

• Maintenance of Business Information and Geographic Information Systems.

• Support for various software applications.

• Video surveillance system support.

Goals and Objectives

Aligned with the City of Fredericksburg's overarching goals, the IT Department is steadfast in its commitment to offer innovative, reliable, and secure technology solutions, enhancing City services across all levels.

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Foster collaboration with other departments to ensure continuous (24/7) system and service availability.
  • Propel initiatives that support the collective objectives of the City Council, City Manager, and the public.
  • Cultivate a dynamic digital environment to boost efficiency, eradicate redundancies, enhance transparency, and minimize operational costs.

What we accomplished in 2022-2023

This report, structured with subject-focused summaries followed by dates and details, provides a professional and organized overview of the key accomplishments of the Fredericksburg IT Department during the fiscal year 2022-2023. It demonstrates the department's significant strides in technological upgrades and operational improvements. Additional information or goals for the upcoming fiscal year will complete this comprehensive view. This report outlines the strategic goals for the Fredericksburg IT Department for the fiscal year 2023-2024, listed in chronological order. Each goal is summarized with relevant details, reflecting the department's forward-thinking approach and commitment to continuous improvement in technology and services. The accomplishments of the previous fiscal year provide context to these future objectives.

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Accomplishments

1. New IT Employee - Network Administrator

• Date: November 2022

• Details: Enhanced the IT department’s capability and resources by hiring a new Network Administrator.

2. IT Department Data Center Cleanup

• Date: October 2022

• Details: Improved air flow control, cable management, and reduced physical components and servers in the IT department's data center.

3. Deployment of Agenda Management Software

• Date: December 2022

• Details: Implemented a complete paperless process for meetings, notes, and agendas.

4. iPads for Council's Electronic Agenda Management

• Date: December 2022

• Details: Deployed iPads to council members to access the electronic agenda management program.

5. Digital Signage at Police Department

• Date: February 2023

• Details: Installed digital signage for weekly updates at the Police Department.

6. Upgrade to Adobe Subscription-Based Software

• Date: April 2023

• Details: Transitioned all users to the new Adobe subscription-based software.

7. Implementation of TEAMS Collaboration Suite

• Date: May 2023

• Details: Added the TEAMS collaboration suite for all city users.

8. Distribution of iPads to Water Department

• Date: June 2023

• Details: Issued 25 iPads to the Water Department for accessing the SCADA server and GIS layer maps.

9. Additional Cameras at Old Fair Park

• Date: June 2023

• Details: Installed 4 additional cameras at Old Fair Park for the Parks Department.

10. Replacement of SAN with Dell Power Vault SAN

• Date: July 2023

• Details: Replaced the aging SAN with a new Dell Power Vault SAN, improving data storage capabilities city-wide.

11. SCADA Server Upgrade

• Date: September 2023

• Details: Upgraded the SCADA server for enhanced management of city infrastructure and utilities.

12. Upgrade of Police Department Video System

• Date: September 2023

• Details: Upgraded the video system to the latest OS (EL5) at the Police Department.

13. Switches Upgrade to 10Gb Backhaul.

• Date: September 2023

• Details: Replaced all 1Gb switches with 10Gb backhaul capabilities, boosting network performance.

14. Electronic Accounts Payable (EAP)

• Date: September 2023

• Details: Developed and implemented Electronic Accounts Payable software, streamlining the check requisition process, making it paperless,

and providing an electronic dashboard for web-based processing.

What we plan to accomplish in 2023-2024

1. Deployment of Microsoft Intune

• Date: February 2023

• Details: Migration of all cell phones, iPads, and laptop computers to a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) system using Microsoft Intune.

2. Surface Pro Deployment for the Police Department

• Date: March 2023

• Details: Replacing aging Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) with Surface Pros to enhance technological capabilities in the Police Department.

3. New Body Camera Deployment for Police and Code Enforcement

• Date: July 2023

• Details: Upgrading to newer models of body cameras for the Police Department and Code Enforcement, ensuring better performance and


4. Transitioning Out Older In-Car Video Systems for the Police Department

• Date: August 2023

• Details: Starting the transition to replace older in-car video systems with more advanced technology.

5. Deployment of New Electric SCADA System

• Date: October 2023

• Details: Introducing a new Electric SCADA system to digitally control the electric system and enhance the collection of instant analytical data


6. Updating Utility Billing to a New Credit Card Processing Company

• Date: October 2023

• Details: Moving to a new credit card processing company for utility billing, aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing human error.

7. Deploy Neo Gov HR Electronic System with Time and Attendance Module

• Date: November 2023

• Details: Implementing Neo Gov HR electronic system featuring time and attendance modules, along with payroll integration.

8. Deployment of Time Clocks at Various Departments

• Date: November 2023

• Details: Installing time clocks in the Parks Department, Street Department, and Sanitation Department, to integrate with the new Neo Gov


9. Migration to Microsoft Azure AD

• Date: December 2023

• Details: Configuring and migrating all Active Directory users to Microsoft Azure AD for enhanced security with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Two-

Factor Authentication (2FA) features.

10. Completion of the City's Open Access Fiber Network

• Date: January 2024

• Details: Finalizing the open access fiber network, enabling ISPs to use the network as a middle mile to deliver fiber-to-the-home services.