Health Department


The Gillespie County Health Division provides environmental health services to the citizens and visitors of Gillespie County.

Goals and Objectives

The Gillespie County Health Division is dedicated to preventing illnesses due to environmentally related disease and injury. We monitor and investigate environmental public health problems and serve as a community resource to educate people about environmental public health issues.

In order to meet this goal, we will

  • Perform food service health inspections in accordance with State Law
  • Investigate all health- related complaints
  • Provide training and education for food service personnel and the public
  • Perform environmental health inspections for public schools, childcare facilities, and foster homes
  • Perform inspections on municipal pools and playgrounds
  • Conduct plan reviews on new and remodeled facilities

What we accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Our department started this year off in full force with an increased number of inspections. This was due to the increase of development across the city and county as the pandemic lessened. New development and plan review fees were implemented this past year, as well as converging both city and county fees to have one fee schedule for both entities.

What we plan to accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Our department looks forward to adding an additional Food Safety Inspector to our team to better provide environmental health services to our community.

Health Department Performance Measures

Health Department Staffing [employee headcount by job title]

Health Department Organizational Chart