Parks & Recreation Department


The City of Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department maintains 9 parks that encompass approximately 323 acres. These include 1 regional park, 4 community parks, 2 neighborhood parks, and 2 special use parks. The Parks and Recreation Department consists of a Director, an Assistant Director/Special Events Coordinator, a Park Maintenance Superintendent, a Recreation Superintendent, 1 Crew Chief, 2 Facility Maintenance Technicians, 7 full-time Park Maintenance Crew members, 1 Office Manager, 1 part-time Gardener, 2 part-time Crew members, 2 part-time Office Clerks, and seasonal staff of 5 head guards and 20-25 lifeguards.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide a system of outstanding parks and open space areas which are responsive to the leisure needs of a growing community and sensitive to the conservation of natural resources
  • Provide recreational facilities, programs, and parks that meet the needs of a diverse population with various levels of ability and skill
  • Provide an equitable geographic distribution of parks and recreational facilities
  • Provide the orderly replacement and/or re-design of aging parks and recreational infrastructure to ensure existing recreational opportunities are not lost
  • Cooperate with the School District, County, and other agencies, as well as community organizations, to provide cost-effective services and optimize benefits to Citizens
  • Provide a comprehensive trail system that meets the needs of Fredericksburg residents

In order to meet these goals, we will

  • Finalize development of the new Parks & Recreation Master Plan
  • Hire trained qualified staff
  • Accept input from the community on amenities and programs
  • Work to exceed revenue projections where possible and develop additional revenue streams
  • Improve maintenance on aging facilities and implement preventive maintenance on new facilities

What we accomplished in 2022-2023

  • Replaced the remaining pavers at Marktplatz
  • Resurfaced remaining four courts at LBJMP tennis courts
  • Completed repairs to Pioneer Pavilion restrooms
  • Replaced Tatsch House tables and chairs
  • Purchased new equipment: floor cleaner, Workman with sprayer, Infield Groomer, Workman for Marktplatz, Grounds Master 4000, and Grounds Master 5900
  • Replaced scoreboards on various ballfields obtaining sponsorships to cover the majority of these expenses
  • Started new facility on Marktplatz northwest corner with event room and new restrooms
  • Worked with the Evening Rotary Club on plans for the replacement of the Cross at Cross Mountain Park
  • Opened new splashpad donated by the Morning Rotary Club

What we plan to accomplish in 2023-2024

  • Complete and open new facility on Marktplatz northwest corner project with meeting room and new restrooms
  • Complete the Cross Mountain Park cross replacement donated by the Nimitz Rotary Club
  • Complete Pioneer Pavilion renovations including wall repairs and new roof
  • Add storage facility to Old Fair Park
  • Replace third and last LBJMP RV Park restroom
  • Complete fees and rules assessment for Marktplatz use
  • Finalize Parks Master Plan

Parks & Recreation Department Performance Measures-Marktplatz Rentals

Parks & Recreation Department Performance Measures-Open Pavilion Reservations

Parks & Recreation Department Performance Measures-Tatsch House and Pioneer Pavilion Reservations

Parks & Recreation Department Performance Measures-Pool Attendance

Parks & Recreation Department Performance Measures-Lady Bird Johnson Municipal RV Park Occupancy

Parks & Recreation Department Staffing [employee headcount by job title]

Parks & Recreation Department Organizational Chart