FY 2023-2024 Biennial Budget

Welcome to the 2023-2024 City of Fountain Biennial Budget. The budget for the City of Fountain establishes spending priorities for each calendar year, running January 1 through December 31. The Finance Director works with the City Manager and Departmental Directors and Managers to deliver a proposed budget, synchronized with the City's strategic plan, for approval by City Council. The budget may be reviewed by clicking on any of the topics in the Table Of Contents below.


Section I - All Funds

All Funds Overview Pages 4-5

Section II - General Fund

Revenue Summary Pages 6-14

Expenditures & Fund Balance Pages 15-22

City Council and Elections Pages 23-25

Municipal Court Pages 26-28

Economic Development Pages 29-34

Administration Pages 35-39

Technology Services Pages 40-44

Community Development Department

Engineering Division Pages 45-48

Planning Division Pages 49-52

Transportation Department

Street & Drainage Division Pages 53-58

City Clerk's Office

Parks & Cemetery Division Pages 59-63

Recreation Division Pages 64-67

Police Department

Overview Pages 68-71

Administration Pages 72-76

Patrol Pages 77-81

Investigations Pages 82-85

Fire Department

Overview Pages 86-89

Administration Pages 90-92

Emergency Services Pages 93-96

Prevention Services Pages 97-99

 Office of Emergency Management Pages 100-102

 Code Enforcement

Neighborhood Services Pages 103-107

Facility Maintenance Pages 108-111

Community Outreach Page 112

 Fleet Pages 113-117

Section III - Water Fund

Water Fund Overview Pages 118-127

Water Fund Operations Pages 128-137

Customer Service Pages 138-143

Section IV - Electric Fund

Electric Fund Overview Pages 144-152

Electric Fund Operations Pages 153-159

Electric Fund Customer Service Pages 160-165

Section V - Ambulance Fund Pages 166-169

Section VI - Drainage Fund Pages 170-172

Section VII - Miscellaneous Funds

Conservation Trust Fund Pages 173-175

Heritage Special Improvement District Pages 176-177

Volunteer Fire Fund Pages 178-180

General Improvement District #1 Pages 181-182

General Improvement District #2 Pages 183-184

Insurance Fund Pages 185-186

Volunteer Fire Pension Fund Pages 187-188

Transportation Sales Tax Pages 189-194


Street Resurfacing

Street Capital Improvements

Section VIII- Capital Improvements Plan

2023/2024 Capital Budgets:

General Fund

2023 General Fund Pages 195-203

2024 General Fund Pages 204-209

Water Fund

2023 Water Fund Pages 210-216

2024 Water Fund Pages 217-219

Electric Fund

2023 Electric Fund Pages 220-225

2024 Electric Fund Pages 226-230

 Ambulance Fund Pages 231-232

Conservation Trust Fund Pages 233-236