Spring 2021

Main Street Banners


We are proud to feature the work of local artist, Twisted Steel. Mr. Jim Moffit of Twisted Steel custom designed these banners (all done by hand) for the City as part of the Main Street Beautification Grant.

Each banner is made of Corten steel, they are 4-feet tall by 2.5-feet wide. The banners consist of a rusted-metal look, featuring rivets along the bottom, with an 'F' for Fernley, and a spot to allow for hanging flower baskets in the summer months.

by local artist

Bighorn sheep

There are a total of 16 banners (8 pairs), they will be attached to light poles along a four-block section of Main Street between West Street and Silver Lace Blvd.

Each pair of banners represent Fernley's heritage, the themes are: Agriculture, Railroad, Rodeo, Bighorn Sheep, Quail, Vaquero, Wild Horses, and a pair of banners featuring the Cui-ui fish and Pyramid Lake to pay homage to our Native American history.

Twisted Steel


This custom artwork is 100% funded through the Community Development Block Grant the City received for Main Street Beautification efforts. Stay tuned for additional features included in this grant that will be installed in the upcoming months.

Introducing the City Projects Page

Introducing the City Projects Page

The City Engineering Team has created a City Projects button on the home page of the City's website, Just click the icon to learn about the latest infrastructure projects the city is currently working on. These projects are improvements to existing infrastructure or new additions, such as water and sewer lines, and road reconstruction projects.

April 2021 Community Development Report

April 2021 Community Development Report

The Community Development Report is a great tool for public to use, especially when confirming or denying some of those rumors that tend to circulate. Now you can direct people to this report to look and see what is happening. The reports will be updated monthly. You can find the Community Development Report on our webpage.

Council chambers reconstruction during
Council chambers reconstruction after

Council Chambers Re-Opening with Limitations

On Wednesday, April 7th, the Fernley City Council Chambers reopened to members and residents for council meetings. During the chamber closure the City remodeled the chambers to install plexi-glass dividers, reconfigured the dias to assure socially distanct compliancy, and improved the audio and visual components of the meeting room. Council meeting attendees must wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and temperatures will be taken up on entrance of City Hall. A limit of 79 people are alloed inside the chamber at a time to comply with the state's 50% capacity directive from Governor Sisolak. Safety protocols for in-person attendance may change over time for future meetings.

Residents who do no want to attend the Council meetings in-person but would like to view or listen to the meetings can still log into the meetings by Zoom. You can find the Zoom log-in information on the posted agenda found on the City's website. Questions and comments to City Council can still be emailed to

COVID-19 CARES Program

The COVID-19 CARES Act Program is a valuable resource and support to our community members. The program is funded by the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act through Lyon County Human Services and partnership with the City of Fernley. Individuals experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible, verification of impact may be required for direct assistance. This funding is limited, act now! For more information contact Lyon Couny Human Services at 775-577-5009 or email or visit website

lease help us spread the information.

COVID-19 CARES Program

City of Fernley Budget Calendar

The budget process is a joint effort between Finance and the City Manager's Office. The City prepares a tentative budget for each department and by fund, which must be submitted to Nevada Department of Taxation by April 15 of every year. The final budget is due to Taxation by June 1 and is required to be signed by a majority of Council members, including the Mayor.

Mark Your Calendar: The City will conduct several City Council Budget Workshops and Public Hearings. The workshops and public hearings start at 5:00 pm broadcast through Zoom or you can attend in-person at City Hall. The workshops and public hearings follow the Open Meeting law and the City encourages public comment. Please email CITYCLERK@CITYOFFERNLEY.ORG for comments.

General Budget Process (NRS 354.596-598)

1. City Council provides staff with priorities.

2. Departments make budget requests.

3. Finance and City Manager determine what is feasible.

4. Submit budgets to Council for final approval.

Council must approve a balanced General Fund Budget.

What is a budget? It's an operational plan. It's a guideline, it's a tool.

What is a budget appropriation? An authorization by a governing body to make expenditures and to incur obligation for specified purposes (approval to spend money.)

How are appropriations made? Budget appropriations are submitted by City staff and approved by City Council. Once approved, the final Department of Taxation (DOT) 30 page budget document is sent to the DOT. It is this document that auditors and the DOT use to ensure the City is not overspending.

What happens if we don't spnd all of our budget appropriations during the year? All budget appropriations expres at the end of the fiscal year. There is no rollover. If approved appropriations are not spent in the current fiscal year, they revert back to fund balance and may be approved to be spent in the next fiscal year during the budget process (NRS 354.620).

Preparation Calendar for 2021/22 Budget
2021 City of Fernley Virtual Citizen's Leadership Academy

Wrapping Up the 2021 Fernley Citizen's Leadership Academy

Thank you for joining us at this year's Citizen's Leadership Academy! This is the City's commitment to public service, promoting citizen engagement, and open communication to the citizens. The Academy is held annually where each class features a different department of the City of Fernley. Below are copies of the presentations if you did not get a chance to attend.

Fernley Chamber Presenation Power Point

City Manager's Office Presentation Power Point

Animal Control Officer Presentation Power Point

City Clerk's Office Power Point Presentation

Finance Department Power Point Presentation

City Attorney's Office Presentation

Fernley Municipal Court Presentation

Building Department Presentation

Planning Department Presentation

City Engineering Presentation

Public Works Presentation

For questions about the Citizen's Leadership Academy, please contact the City Manager's Office at 775-784-9858 or email

City Council Meetings

City Council meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Meetings begin at 5:00 pm and are broadcasted virtually through Zoom.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission (PC) meets the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings begin at 5:00 pm and are broadcasted virtually through Zoom.

Fernely Convention & Tourism Authority

The Fernley Convention & Tourism Authority Board meets at least twice a year, once in June and again in December. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are broadcasted virtually through Zoom.