Michigan & Oregon Survey Responses in Diversity Dashboard Thanks to Outreach & Engagement Work

Thanks to targeted outreach from ELGL members in Michigan, the the League of Oregon Cities in Oregon, the month of May saw a concerted increase in the number of data points from both states.

Learn more about the Diversity Dashboard here.

View the live dataset and reports here.

Michigan now leads the country with 35 completed surveys. North Carolina, subject of last month's accolades for outreach, has 30. Oregon's targeted outreach resulted in 10 new surveys this month.

Your outreach matters! Sharing the Diversity Dashboard survey means that more local governments are included in the Diversity Dashboard, and more data means we can tell more stories about the demographics of local government leadership. Please share the survey link today.

We've even created this handy outreach guide to help you encourage your network to complete a Diversity Dashboard survey.